American Economic Imperialism – Bullying Christian Africans

Thanks to C-FAM) we learn that a major channel of aid to the Third World is bullying poor African nations, using its financial muscle to impose pervert ‘rights’ on a largely Christian people,.
An assistance package of nearly USD 350 million to Malawi, an impoverished land in Southern Africa, was cancelled by a body known as Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). The money was designed to provide some basic improvements in the living conditions of some of the world’s poorest people.

Now the Malawians have given in to force majeure, because fundamentally they can’t afford not to. 

“In as far as we cannot run away from the fact that we need their aid it is absurd for those countries to be forcing the country to embrace immoral cultures.  We are a sovereign state and we deserve to be treated as such, aid or no aid”, said Dr. Hetherwick M. Ntaba, the chief political advisor to President  Mutharika of Malawi.

Malawi’s President

C-Fam also tells us that Germany too has gone back a Nazi-style foreign policy, dictating its own ideological agenda to what Merkel clearly still thinks of as the ‘Dark Continent.’

A pledged thirty three million U.S. dollars has been cut in half owing to Berlin’s concern for perverts. And ‘The Global Fund recently rejected Malawi’s application for $560 million due to its laws regarding sodomy.’

Why are ‘advanced’ countries interfering to promote deviancy? It’s none of their business, and it is highly doubtful if the citizens of America, Germany or most Western countries would see any sense in using their tax-dollars (or euros) to succour a sorry coterie of sodomites.

“Criminally punishing lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender individuals under laws prompted MCC to initiate the investigation required for suspension or termination of the Compact” said an MCC official in their spring brief.

Another witch-hunt! No surprise that Barack Husein Obama’s men are all over this outfit. According to MCC’s own site, it was created by Congress in 2004, ‘with strong bi-partisan support.’

MCC is managed by a chief executive officer, who is part of the nine-member Board of Directors. The Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, the U.S. Trade Representative, and the USAID Administrator serve on the board along with four private sector representatives.

It doesn’t say who appoints the ‘private sector’ people, or the CEO, but perhaps American readers may wish to ask their congressmen/women why a body behaving so vindictively towards small nations with firm standards of decency deserves ‘bi-partisan’ support any longer.