Waiter Wounded as IslamoNazi FPI Thugs Attack Food-Stall in Sulawesi

FPI-di-Kantor-Gubernur.jpgIslamoNazis at the Governor’s Offices.
The IslamoNazi FPI (Defenders of Islam, self-styled) were busy again over the weekend, flaunting their bigotry and bringing their religion into disrepute once more.
A posse of the white-shirts oozed into the Offices of the South Sulawesi Governor, demanding that no further delays occur in the outright suppression of religious liberty in the Province. 
Tribun-TIMUR.COM  reported that earlier today the fanatics showed up whining that the finalisation of the gubernarorial regulation banning Ahmadiyah was over-due. “We want the establishment of the decree made certain.” said one of the nazis, named Arif.
Sad to say, the Governor’s spokesmen assured these enemies of freedom that it would indeed be ready before Lebaran (the Ramadan holidays)
And just to prove that their energies encompass more than knocking on an open door, dozens of FPI hoodlums ran amok elsewhere in the area.
Vivanews.com (also today) reports that ‘dozens of members of the Islamic Defenders Front damaged and ransacked a shop in Makassar, because the shop, named Coto Pettarani, remained open in the daytime during the fasting month. FPI considered the shop owners do not appreciate and respect the Muslims who are fasting.’
Well, they’re hardly unique, if that’s how they feel. This self-righteous intolerance is a stench in the nostrils of decent Indonesians of every creed.
According to Rudi, one of the local shopkeepers, the incident occurred at around 2pm. When the FPI, about 30 of them in full uniform, came to the stall (Coto)  Most of the mob invaded the premises of  Hj Adriani, who also owns a shop there.

“Two people talked with Ms. Haji, but while speaking, they immediately pounded the table. There were still about 20 people who were eating,” said Rudi. Startled, the visitors panicked and tried to escape out of the stall. Meanwhile, stall owners and employees put up resistance.

Well, good for them! You see, it’s not just the proprietors these scum are upsetting. Lowly waiting staff see their livelihoods endangered, because the FPI have no concern for ordinary folk trying to make ends meet. It’s pure sectarian hatred that motivates them.

These FPI swine ought to be resisted, by everybody (please note, Adriani is clearly a Muslim, and a devout one, for that HJ. indicates she’s been to Mecca as a pilgrim)

The fighting among the stalls provoked other FPI members, who then kicked down the wall and battered the stall until the wiring (that holds these flimsy warungs together) was broken. Others, even more het up, battered all the tables in the shop.

FPI-Bongkar-Warung-Coto-Pettarani.jpg   Luckily, the incident was under the watchful eye of a police officer, Aiptu Zulhajji. He pulled his gun out and demanded that these actions be stopped.
“The incident lasted about 30 minutes, after which the FPI went away on motorbikes,” said Rudi. As a result of the incident, two employees were injured. One was Ikbal, injured in the stomach with a broken ash-tray, while four FPI were left bleeding at the mouth.

Makes a change from foaming at the mouth! Nice to hear these nazi pigs got a rare and long over-due clattering. And a slap on the back for Officer Zulhajji – if all the cops had the nous and the nerve to open their holsters, the yellow-bellied white-shirts would soon cool their ardour for intimidation.

Rudi claimed losses due to the incident, but he has not estimated the total losses due to destruction of cups, bowls, and the walls of buildings, including the door of the stall entrance.

The owner of the shop claimed to have reported the case to the police. They requested that the police catch the perpetrators and punish them according to the level of infraction. Stall owners are also claiming damages from the FPI.

So far so good, but the bad news is that ‘as a result of the attack, the shop was forced to change its operating schedule from the usual morning start to 5pm.

As you all know, Ramadan is a time for introspection, self-control and contemplation of our frailties

Tell that to the FPI!