No-Go Areas? In London? Enough! Let’s Have Martial Law with Curfews! Shoot Them Down!

Well, here we go, the excuses trotted out, condemning the thug looters while in the same breath offering nonsense about how the poor wee souls have too long been ‘over-policed!’ Hard to believe anybody would think this kind of left-lib drivel still washes, but…

Claudia Webbe, the chair of the Metropolitan police’s Independent Advisory Group for Operation Trident, has regurgitated the following tripe, on the Today programme.

 “It appeared to me that those who were attacking the police directly… and seeking to attack anything they sought to regard as an institution, were venting out issues to do with issues of inequality, decades of generational unemployment, poverty, stop and search – being over-policed if you like. That quickly disappeared into a thuggish, violent criminality that we have to condemn.”

‘Stop and search’ is a policy that makes sense, like ‘saturation policing,’ and that was scrapped due to PC loons like Webb, whining incessantly how unfair it was on the trouble-makers.

‘Inequality?’      Millions, billions maybe, have been poured into the drain of the enormous ‘equality’ industry, equipping local authorities with sticky beak ideologues bent on harassing employers, inquisitions about why some idler wasn’t hired, preferential treatment for those with no right to prioritisation.         Scrap the lot, leave bosses to choose whom they like to have working for them.

‘Poverty?’            How many of your grandparents suffered real poverty during the depression days, with no access to the welfare benefits that make life so sweet for wasters these days?

‘Unemployment?’       Like many of you, I have been unemployed, and I didn’t go a-looting. I moved from one part of the country to another, where work could be found.

I found that pinko female’s words of ‘wisdom’ on a yahoo blog written by somebody called Alex Stevenson.

NO idea who this geezer is but he is evidently not any kind of rightwinger. Yet he winds up his article with a statement which is not necessarily wrong.

It’s critical that Britain takes a long hard look at itself and seeks to work out how these setbacks can be reversed. Confronting the scale of the problem we face would be a good place to start. What a shame, therefore, that politicians will be doing everything they can to ignore this burgeoning crisis.

Yes, absolutely true. How many unwanted, illegal immigrants has Britain got swarming around her cities, drawn there from all over the world, not to seek work and become good Brits, but because of welfare, with no intention of adapting to civilised ways. Many of them turn readily to crime.

Eurodirectives stop Britain deporting numbers of these parasites lest their home countries deal with them harshly, as they should be dealt with. Others get to stay because they’ve sired brats in the UK, which could easily go with them, saving tax-payers vast sums in benefits.

Poor old tax-payer, who gets to subsidise polygamous primitives, benefits for multiple wives.

But no, the riots cannot be dismissed as purely a product of multcult, for a lot of white trash were out and about making the most of it.

In the face of growing public demands for firmer action to be taken against rioters, police said they might consider using baton rounds – non-lethal rubber or plastic bullets. “That’s a tactic that will be used by the Metropolitan police if deemed necessary,” Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stephen Kavanagh told reporters.

What the heck!?! ‘Might?’ ‘Non-Lethal?’  WHAT PLANET, NEVER MIND WHAT CITY, IS THIS BLOKE LIVING ON?

Let’s be fair and shoot any rioter, regardless of race creed or colour,  who doesn’t surrender when called upon to do so. If police took my advice and opened fire on the mobs, the bullets would be non-discriminatory. and quite right too.

But I think the police need help. Martial law, curfews imposed, anyone defying the curfew…shoot them. Just think of the savings on welfare hand-outs for every one of the rabble taken out!

And if the police don’t have suitable helicopters, H.M. Armed Forces certainly do. The one in the photo is actually Russian, but it illustrates the kind of machine which coud fly into one of those ‘no-go areas’ and wipe out resistance fast.

London may no longer be the capital of the greatest empire the world has ever seen, but it is still home to millions of decent working men and women, who do not deserve to find themselves at the mercy of mobs of savages.

The imbecilic gun control legislation of recent years has resulted in law-abiding citizens rendered defenceless while hoodlums roam their neighbourhoods terrorising the innocent. If honest citizens had a gun in their home, they could defend themselves in these places where the police apparently dare not tread.

It is time to remove this stain on the city. 

Cameron has said something sensible. “If you are old enough to commit these crimes you are old enough to face the punishment.”

Good! It’s long since gotten tiresome to hear that some young swine has to get special consideration because he’s ‘under-age.‘  And no stupid ‘commissions of enquiry,’ please. Already you’d think that the shooting of Mark Duggan was something other than a boon to society.

He was a piece of garbage, and if a few hundred like him, black or white, were similarly removed, London would be a safer and brighter place for it.