Cardigans Are Comfy, Though Not in Jakarta!

 Since I’ve learned that the more you post, the more readers you get, I’m going to venture into new territory today, the world of FASHION!

This unlikely move arises from a most peculiar article I bumped into as I flicked around the Yahoo sites before breakfast – I rarely eat breakfast, other than myriad coffees, but that’s another story for another post.

 The lady who wrote the piece is of course entitled to her view, but since my readers are evenly split between men and women, as far as I can tell, I wonder what they think of these gems? 

I have to agree with her first comment, that ‘socks should never be worn with sandals! And heaven forbid your man is simultaneously wearing shorts. If you’re going to keep your socks on, throw on some sneakers. If you have to wear sandals, take the socks off!’ 

I knew an American here, who actually wore socks not just with his sandals but socks with separate toe-extensions! He was, admittedly, a pinko, but even pinkos don’t often behave so strangely.

Knowing little of fashion, I’m baffled by some of her terminology.

Why is it that men think they can wear their beach attire as normal clothes? Women don’t run around in bikinis while buying groceries, going to the doctor, or picking up their kids from school! Reserve your board shorts for the beach or pool and put on some real pants otherwise. 

First, what are ‘board shorts?’

Here in the Tropics we wear shorts whenever we get the chance, except to work, assuming you work in an office. I seem to recall that Aussie blokes wear posh shorts, a tad longer than usual shorts, even to their jobs as bureaucrats or accountants.

But I don’t pay a lot of attention to men in the street in Sydney, since the ladies are much more agreeable to look at. If they ‘ran around in bikinis,’ I’d never get anything done on my trips to Oz.

But let me raise the issue that has bugged me for decades, and to which I’ve never yet found the answer.

Why do so many women hate cardigans so much?

 Looks Fine on Her, So Why not For Us Guys?

When I was newly married, I found myself facing a kind of sartorial jihad, which developed into a long war of attrition, until my stock of cardies was reduced to the one, my oldest favourite, which even I had to confess was so raggedy that I couldn’t wear it except at home.

Had I been alone in my plight, I’d have put it down to an idiosyncrasy on my then spouse’s part. But my pals reported similar campaigns.

The thing is, cardigans are practical, comfortable garments. They have pockets in which you can keep and carry important items. They can be slipped on and off easily, unlike pull-overs, which have to be hauled over your head, thus blinding you temporarily, which is a pain if you’re dressing in a hurry and attempting simultaneously to consume coffee.

And they have the cachet of aristocracy, for was it not Lord Cardigan himself whose name they still bear?     

I’m foxed. Pray tell, ladies, if my pals and me were just unlucky, or is it a worldwide prejudice among the fair sex?