Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer

Well, that’s justice.
The State, in the form of the Prosecution at Serang Court, wanted one of the survivors of the Cikeusik Islamist Pogrom to go to prison for nine months. But he ONLY got six months, double the sentence meted out last month to an evil young primitive named Dani, whom many of you may have seen on the horrible video, dashing a rock down on the head of a helpless Ahmadi.
 Dani the Primitive
Yesterday  Deden Sudjana, seen below with his legal team, was convicted of ‘obstructing justice and failing to obey authorities’ during the mob violence which ended with three Ahmadis martyred. Including the victim of the cruel and cowardly Dani.
Media Indonesia says that the judge deemed Deden as the aggressor. ‘Deden was convicted of attacking first, when  the citizens came to the house belonging to his Ahmadiyah,’said Sumartono.‘Citizens?’ You call those satanic ignoramuses citizens?

 ‘Came to the house?’ They were asking to borrow a cup of sugar?
The filthy animals were out for blood. If it had been my house, I’d have opened fire with any gun avaiable.
Deden Sudjana, a member of the minority sect Ahmadiyah, consults with his lawyers at the Serang District Court on Monday. Deden is sentenced to six months for obstructing justice and failing to obey authorities during the violent attack on Ahmadiyah community in Cikeusik village, Serang, Banten on Feb. 6, 2011. (JG Photo/Heru Andriyanto) 

 There were barely twenty members of the minority religion, which is being ferociously persecuted all over the archipelago, and they were up against a thousand-plus bestial bigots, incited by text messaging to go after the Ahmadis. Police were present but failed utterly to do their duty, their cowardice also caught on camera – not one of them drew his gun, content to serve as spectators at a blood-letting that has shamed Indonesia across the civilised world.

The Serang District Court at least rejected the most absurd charge levelled by the prosecutors, that of inciting hatred.

“We have considered the defendant is also a victim in the attack. He sustained injuries, his car was burned. So we have delivered a sentence lower than what the prosecution is asking for,” said presiding judge Sumartono.

TEMPO Interactive reported that the specifics of the case centred on Deden’s guilt in his ‘persecution’ of witness Idris.’

Idris? Who’s he?

Some of you may also recall an Idris from the video, strutting along at the head of the rabble, wearing his blue-green insignia, wielding a machete. Was it that Idris’ home that Deden was standing in front of? No, it was an Ahmadi’s.

Was Deden seeling to deny Idris or anyone’s right to live peacefully and worship freely. No, that was Idris’ aim.

  Facing a Mob of Islamist Savages – Deden the Brave, Bound Now for Prison

The verdict is lighter than the demands of three months…what were weighed in our decision were that he was polite during the trial, has no previous record, has dependents, and in addition, the defendant is a victim and has forgiven all participants in the clash.

Deden Sudjana….claimed this precedent is bad for justice in Indonesia.

“I, the victim,  even I, am sentenced to six months,  while the offender was sentenced to five months. This verdict is scary, “said Deden.

Scary indeed, and not just for brave Deden, but for every member of every religious minority in Indonesia. It’s open season.