IslamoNazis Mob Governor’s Office, Rage at Gauleiter’s Detention

Dozens of FPI white-shirt nazis showed up at the office of the Governor of South Sulawesi on Friday – incensed by the arrest of their thug leader Abdurrahman, they demanded that Governor Syahrul Yasin Limpo act against their victims, by ‘freezing’ the Ahmadiyah religious minority’s rights in Makassar.

This Governor has no impressive record of standing for tolerance, quite the contrary, if you read our 17th June post, but it would be nice if the thugs’ latest outlandish conduct gave him second thoughts.

The Islamonazis gathered at the Great Mosque before going on convoy to confront the Governor, but they were met by dozens of police officers and Satpol PP at the gate.

In a tirade of indignation, acting gauleiter, Agus Salim demanded suspension of religious liberty for Ahmadis. Referring to the recent FPI attack on the minority, he claimed nothing like that would happen if the governor cracked down.

Typical Nazi style, ultimata, if authorities don’t curb freedoms, we will!

“We only ask for an organization that has tarnished Islam be stopped. The incident at the Ahmadi secretariat was pure provocation by the Ahmadiyya,” said Agus Salim.

Meanwhile, South Sulawesi FPI provincial fuhrer, Habib Muhsin, said attacks will continue to take place until the Ahmadiyah are dissolved in the province. “We are not afraid of being arrested, the police should have arrested members of the Ahmadiyya who provoked us,” said Muhsin.

FPI will continue its action  to demand the release of Commander of the South Sulawesi FPI, Abdurrahman who was arrested after the attack on Ahmadiyya secretariat last week.

PS We’ll save the post on the nazis’ raid on a market in Madura till tomorrow.