No Churches on Streets with Islamic Names! says Bogor Bigot Mayor

 The notorious Islamist bigot, Bogor Mayor Diani, has come up with yet another ripping wheeze in his perpetual persecution of Christians in the West Java city, where the Yasmin congregation has been hounded and denied access to their own building and forced to worship on the public highway..

Jakarta Globe today. ‘Home Affairs Minister Gamawan Fauzi said Bogor Mayor Diani Budiarto — who continues to defy rulings from the Supreme Court and Ombudsman Commission to open the church — had told him that a church should not be built on a street with an Islamic name.
“[Diani] said that it is a fact that the street is named after a noted Islamic Ulama,” Gamawan said at the Vice Presidential Palace on Friday.
GKI Yasmin is located on Jalan Abdullah bin Nuh, an Islamic leader from Cianjur in West Java.

Horrifically,  Gamawan, who is a mnister in President SBY’s coalition government, appears to be openly lining up with the bigot Diani, who is in overt defiance of a Supreme Court ruling in the church’s favour. “This is the political reality in the field and it could cause disturbances to security and peace,” Gamawan said. “It would not be healthy in the long run, even for the congregation members themselves. 

Gamawan is himself a known friend to Islamist extremism but it is mind-boggling that the President should countenance one of his ministers blatantly to endorse fanatic intolerance as exemplified by Diani.  All the more so when the JG tells us that a local Muslim cleric  -the son of the man in whose honour the street was named –  himself has no objection to the Yasmin church being there!

Can we hope that the President will fire this man and take a walk from his Bogor weekend retreat tomorrow, to join the Yasmin folk in prayer, showing the stinking sectarians of Bogor that SBY is a president for ALL Indonesians?