Acceptable Faces of Indonesia – Luna and Jupe – Two Beauties in the News

   Luna                       Jupe

Today two of the more acceptable faces of Indonesia are in the news, the lady on top being Luna  Maya, who earlier this year was threatened by nasty Islamist ignoramuses with stoning and hanging, because of her videoed relationship with Ariel, the pop-singer jailed for distributing that video (he didn’t, but who cares in the Indonesian justice system?)  Today’s her birthday!

And then we have Julia Perez, aka Jupe, debatably the hottest property in the local movie scene, who’s in the news for her new movie, Pocong Proposes Marriage! Jupe too has had run-ins with the Islamonazis, mostly because she is sexy and, unlike the primitives’ squaws, is not subjugated into being ashamed to be female.


Pocongs are shrouded ghouls,  supernatural horrors, unlike the all too real creatures below.

Too often, we give prominence to the lowest side of life here, and here are two of the lowest specimens imaginable, Lubis, the islamoNazi swine who incited his admirers to ‘Kill, Kill,Kill’ innocent members of the Ahmadiyah minority. and his FPI Fuhrer, Habib Rizieq.

   Lubis         Rizieq

So tonight, we skip their wretched reputations and their savage followers’ misdeeds and direct your attention to the bright side of life, offering birthday greetings to Luna and good luck to Jupe’s new spine-tingler.

And don’t forget, folks, despite everything, despite the surfeit of nasty tales we have to tell, there is a lot of beauty in this archipelago, whch is why we keep going on and on about the threat it faces. Indonesia is just too nice to give up on!