Boycott SCTV’s Advertisers – Pro-Tolerance Film Cancelled,IslamoNazis Appeased

As I promised yesterday, I went along to SCTV’s HQ today, down by Senayan, in downtown Jakarta, twice, at 9am and then again after work at 12.30pm, and as you can see from the photo I took, the entire area was deserted.



So I deduced that the FPI IslamoNazis, who had threatened to decsend en masse in protest at the channel’s plan to screen the pro-tolerance movie Question Mark ? were idler than I’d imagined, and off I went to pay Rp.35000 to enjoy a day at a pool with a second-hand Ian Rankin paper-back.

Imagine my revulsion when I got home tonight and learned that SCTV had run up the white flag in the face of nazi white-shirt intimidation. a few hours ago reported that some hundreds of the so-called Defenders of Islam showed up during the afternoon, and after a ‘direct dialogue’ on the 19th floor of the TV tower at Senayan City downtown, SCTV capitulated.

 Nazi Scum at SCTV

I found it hard to believe, so checked with Sure enough detik reported that  Hardijanto Soeroso, Corporate Secretary of SCTV had cravenly conceded to the bigot bullies.
 Hardijanto Soeroso
“Thank you for your friendly greetings from FPI; it is an input and an evaluation for us. As we have communicated, we state will not play the movie.’ It had taken only 20 minutes of ‘talks’ for SCTV to knuckle under. No wonder detik noted that after the meeting the FPI  rabble broke up, the ‘look on their faces showing a sense of satisfaction.’

Now it may be that they have only postponed it. SCTV may only have chickened out of showing the movie in the days before Idul Fitri, which falls next week.
So what? They are still chicken! Idul Fitri would have been the PERFECT time to screen it. A timely reminder that there are genuinely evil people tarnishing the name of Islam every time they show their faces and open their big mouths. 
Well, if that’s who SCTV wants as ‘friends,’ their advertisers will not be getting my custom. I hope other readers, Indonesian or expat, will join me in boycotting their products.
Actually, reading the ludicrous rant from the nazis’ Jakarta gauleiter,  Habib Salim Alatas, was almost amusing.
‘”The movie  ‘?”  described Muslims as violent and evil. There are scenes of Islamic people damaging a Chinese restaurant, of stabbing a pastor and of a church being bombed, “he raved.
 Dreadful misrepresentation!
Who actually stabbed the pastor in Bekasi? Buddhists and Baptists?
Who attacked the churches in Temanggung? Methodists and Hindus?
NO, not quite correct. I fear. Those crimes were committed by Islamists.
And who starred in the news over this ‘holy month’ about eateries being vandalised? Why the FPI itself!
And those scum are welcomed for ‘dialogue’ with SCTV and go away with contented smirks writ large on their ugly sectarian faces?
SCTV is a sick joke.