What Are They Like, These Victims of Islamist Persecution?

Just reached 500 views tonight, so am heading for some sleep, but first thought I’d keep you all up to date with the brave Ahmadi community here. Brave? Heroic, I guess is a btter word, for how else can you describe a small group of people who cling to their faith despite government oppression, Islamist savagery, murder – with police indfference- and a wholesale persecution which would have impressed the guys who ran the Spanish Inquisition!

This report comprises only extracts from this link  http://www.jpnn.com/read/2011/09/06/102060/Mengunjungi-Kampung-Ahmadiyah-di-Cisalada,-Bogor– but it is refreshing to read.

These young men are students, in the village of Parung, near Bogor, in the horrid province of West Java, which is run by the most benighted Islamists you can think of. From the Governor down to some of the mayors and neighbourhood chiefs, intolerance is a common theme.
But here they are, these lads, in a class-room, getting stuck into language and computer studies.

They are candidate-preachers,aiming to serve the estimated half-million Ahmadis spread across the archipelago, though most are in West Java…Cisalada is an historic village for the Ahmadiyah in Indonesia, the original starting point for their missionary work.
 There’s a monument at their Mosque At Taufik, which was founded in 1935….it has a satellite dish to capture the special broadcasts by the Ahmadiyya Muslim worshippers Television Ahmadiyya (MTA)

“Sometimes, we watch together at the mosque, to listen to the caliph’s annual speech,” said Ahmad Hidayat, a preacher…The atmosphere is pretty quiet village, the village road just a two-meter wide gravel track. In addition to civil servants and teachers, most of the inhabitants work as farmers and farm laborers. In a number of roads to the village, there are several houses with broken windows, cruel words written on the walls of the house.

“Those are our congregants houses. They were stoned and driven from their homes,” said Firdaus,whos live in Cisalada.

Islamist Blasphemy – Ahmadi Koran Burned!
Sme 350 villagers inhabit Cisalada, all adherents of Ahmadiyah. About 25 people are refugees who live in the village because expelled elsewhere, but it does not mean the village is safe from the destroyers.

Several incidents have occurred. A group of outsider villagers stormed the village, attacked the kindergarten-primary school buildings, the residences of preachers, and the mosque At Taufik. “When that happened, we all hid behind the houses or in the fields,” said Zaini.

Firdaus said, the mobs didn’t just damage the strategic places of worship. They also looted homes. In fact, one of the Ahmadi children had found her purse missing after the raid, then saw it being worn by a neighboring village child. “Wanted to be ask for it back, but how could she?” said the man nicknamed Dice, chuckling.

 Cisalada, After Visit by Islamist Neighbours

Intimidation against Ahmadiyah is not only aimed at adults. Children are also often bullied by teachers and peers at school. They are jeered, even pelted with stones. One girl got yelled at, that she’d be raped.

Makes you sick to the gut, reading how those Islamist pigs treat fellow human beings, yeah? But it gets worse.

Some village leaders really had offered security for them. However, the condition was that they must sign a waiver out of the Ahmadiyya and sign up to Islam. In fact, that just wasn’t possible for them, though in the end some had signed but still stick to their true beliefs.

“Therefore, we always warned our people going out of the village. Other people generally say, ‘be careful on the road.’ We say ‘be careful of the signature,’ ” Hidayat said, then smiled.

Language note here. Any time you (or I) take leave of somebody, it’s always ‘Hati hati di jalan!’ or as English folk say, ‘Mind how you go.’ It is really very sad that Ahmadis now, by dint of constant Islamist persecution, have to adapt that simple courtesy.

There follows a detailed account of the creed’s structure and organisation, then ..
Ahmadiyah Indonesia also has a center of education, named Ahmadiyah Indonesia. Campus is located in Parung, where they prepare candidates for preachers…The Java Post visited the campus on Sunday (28 / 8)…despite the attacks,some buildinga look magnificent..on the east side of the complex are the computer and language laboratories, student dormitories, and libraries. On the edge of the north side, rows of houses of the preachers. “Actually, here we want to get up high school, junior high schools, and clinics. But, given this condition, we do not dare,” he said…

One of the preachers who had served abroad is Ahmad Hidayat. The man, in his late forties, has done preaching in Thailand, Cambodia, Sulawesi, and some areas in Java. He mastered English, Khmer, and Urdu. “Now, I’m here for two years,” said Hidayat….Ahmadiyah missionaries usually invite public discussion. If people are not interested, they won’t  force the issue. “We brought Islam with peace,” he said.

And he means it. What a great pity their ignorant islamist neighbours can’t grasp that concept.

In Cisalada, Hidayat lives with his wife in a house with two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen, yellow-painted, with a home office….on the land there’s a small building for playgroup, kindergarten (TK), as well as a place of education for elementary school children in grade 1/ 3 ..there’s a badminton court. 

Just wanted to let you readers know what kind of people are being abused so evilly in this ‘largest Muslim democracy.’ Good night!