Expats! Check Out Queen Elizabeth of Canada – And, Harper, Fire Republican Slackers

Surprising to hear that the Harper government has actually had to circulate Canada’s embassies with REMINDERS to ensure the Queen of Canada’s portrait is on display in each diplomatic outpost!

According to the Globe and Mail. 7/9, ‘it’s the latest effort by the Conservatives to demonstrate support for Canada’s sovereign and part of a steady Tory campaign to champion more traditional elements of this country’s national identity, including the military.’

Well, darn right too. But if any Ambassador has hitherto failed to have placed our Head of State in a place of honour, perhaps a prompt transffer to Mogadishu or some similarly desirable posting might be in order?

“Like virtually every other country in the world who display pictures of their head of state in their missions, we expect all Canadian missions abroad to display pictures of Canada’s head of state, the Queen; along with the Governor-General, the Prime Minister and relevant ministers,” said Rick Roth, a spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.

The instruction to install royal portraits in all of Canada’s foreign missions – scattered throughout 150 countries – calls for the pictures to be in place by Sept. 15, a government official said.

Cleary, there must be some embassies run by slackers and/or traitorous knaves

The Tories acknowledged that most Canadian offices abroad already hang a portrait of the Queen but said the new order is “simply to ensure conformity” across the board. They declined to identify scofflaw missions.

Harper’s hiding the identities of the curs? Well, that’s something we expats can handle. Let’s drop by our respective embassies and report any republican slug ambassadors who are guilty of indolence or treason. 

Gar Pardy, a former Canadian diplomat, recalled one foreign mission where Canada didn’t hang the Queen. “I remember that most embassies use to carry a picture of the Queen somewhere in the public area. The only exception was Argentina and there for obvious reasons,” he said, referring to the Falklands War.

Not acceptable…if the Argies didn’t take well to their well-deserved thrashing after their imperialist aggression, tough, but Canada should still have HM smiling down magnaminously on the defeated in Buenos Aires.

The Conservatives have repeatedly tried to build respect for the monarchy since taking office more than five years ago, putting an emphasis on hanging portraits of the Queen in places such as the Prime Minister’s Office. One of Stephen Harper’s veteran aides, Ray Novak, is a staunch monarchist.

We can recall the pathetic attempts by BA to replace the Union Jack on their aircraft. That was when I switched my custom to other airlines. Maggie Thatcher took a stand, entirely different from the stand taken by Turdeau, who wanted to replace the Mounties, the ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE, with the soppy Quebec-crawling ‘Police Canada.’

Concerned citizens beat back the traitor Turdeau. And we can do the same with this issue. I know it’s a hassle dropping by embassies in foreign parts. Here in Jakarta, it used to be easy to go into the OZ Embassy and sit around all arvo reading their mags. No more. The Islamist savages screwed that up too, with their murderous bomb!

Now it’s almost as time-consuming going through security as it is to do whatever business needs done. But fear not.

Sometime after – not before – the deadline of 15th September, one of us will visit, and check and report back. Hopefully, the current staff are of better quality than those running the place six or so years ago. Then they had a big party to celebrate an anniversary of Indo-Can relations, and what did we get in the fancy book they produced to mark the day?

A sad little story of some poor Canadian bint who ‘converted,’ to Islam , totally one-sided editorialising, not a word about any Canadian who brought his or her spouse into Christianity, which is after all the majority creed in Canada. Obviously the book was produced by an Islam-grovelling sectarian.

But that was then and this is now. Let’s hope Jakarta has HM in a prominent place. Otherwise we’ll nail the rats. And c’mon Harper, name and shame the dirty dorks who have failed to demonstrate allegiance in the proper way.

Colin Robertson, a former Canadian diplomat, said the moves at Foreign Affairs suggest that it’s Mr. Baird who has a particular affinity for the monarchy. He could not recall previous Conservative foreign affairs ministers driving similar initiatives.

Earlier this summer, Mr. Baird ordered colourful modern artworks by Quebec painter Alfred Pellan removed from the lobby of the Department of Foreign Affairs and replaced with a portrait of Elizabeth II.

Good for Baird, if that’s the case. And Mr. Harper, make sure we don’t get wimpy ministers like his predecessors back again. Canada needs loyalty, not shilly-shallying.