‘The Final Step To De Facto Political Union’ – EUSSR Power Grab!

A  most disturbing report in the International Herald Tribune 7/9 confirmed our previous post that the enemy intends to exploit the economic crisis to establish a strangle-hold on the nations ensnared in the EUSSR.
And a last-gasp hope of temporary respite was dashed yesterday afternoon when Germany’s High Court failed to safeguard their country’s sovereignty against the latest power-grab. This photo from Der Spiegel.

German Court Rejects Challenges to Euro Bailouts

Taming the euroskeptics: Germany's highest court rejected three cases seeking to stop German participation in the bailout of Europe's common currency.  

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But at least the judges are demanding a greater say for parliament in similar decisions henceforth. All credit to Professor Karl Albrecht Schachtsschneider and Peter Gauweiler, MP for Bavaria’s Christian Social Union. It’s to be hoped that the CSU will bring powerful pressure to bear on Angela Merkel, who depend on that party to support her Christian Democratic Union-led coalition.

But Merkel and France’s Sarkozy appear to be up to their necks in the project to achieve what we described the other day as Karl Schroeder’s Fourth Reich dream. Unfortunately, these political leaders don’t think their mere citizens worthy to be kept abreast of the drive to erase nationhood.

 Angela Merkel

As leaders in Europe try to contain a deepening financial crisis, they are also increasingly talking about making fundamental changes to the way their 17-nation economic union works. The idea is to create a central financial authority — with powers in areas like taxation, bond issuance and budget approval — that could eventually turn the euro zone into something resembling a United States of Europe. As usual, the ratbags want to keep us in the dark about their nasty scheming.

Officials have been hesitant to publicly endorse such a drastic change. But privately they say the issue has gained urgency in recent months..

Make no mistake, this isn’t idle talk. The Brussels apparatchiks are busily pursuing their masters’ goals.

Recently, for instance, when an official from a European central bank met with a financial official in Washington, his host brandished the Articles of Confederation, the 1781 precursor to the United States Constitution, to use as an example of why stronger unions become necessary. The story of America’s failed early effort to operate as a loose confederation of 13 states is looking increasingly relevant for many European officials.

…“If today’s policy makers want to successfully stay the course, they will have to press ahead with structural changes and deeper economic integration,” António Borges, director of the International Monetary Fund’s European unit, said in a recent speech. “To put the crisis behind us, we need more Europe, not less. And we need it now.” Nothing happens quickly in Europe, however. For the most part, such efforts are still being made behind the scenes…

Behind the scenes. That’s what is so heinous about all this. If they stood up proudly and told their peoples that they want them submerged under supranational authority, USE or more accurately EUSSR, I might disagree with them but could at least respect them. But it is precisely the opposite situation. Deceive, mislead, allay suspicions. Read on, for a specific example.

Last Thursday, Wolfgang Schäuble, the German finance minister, told the newspaper Bild that he would like to see the European Union’s treaty revised — an arduous process — to enable the union to make common fiscal policies.An official in the German Finance Ministry, who was not authorized to speak on the matter publicly, said the ministry was trying to avoid terms like fiscal union because it would alienate voters. But he acknowledged that it saw such a union as both necessary and inevitable.

These sly swine are desperate to hide their objectives from the people whose taxes provide them with a luxurious life-style (while ordinary citizens suffer increasing hardships) It’s time the schemes were dragged out into the limelight, and the schemers dragged to the public stocks.

These pusillanimous pen-pushers are citizens of France, or Germany, or some other nation, and yet they shamelessly transfer allegiance to the EUSSR? Heck, stocks are too good for them.  They are traitors to their own nations.

You could call it a fiscal union, but the minister won’t do that,” the official said. “What we are talking about is pooling our fiscal policy and doing to fiscal policy what we’ve done with monetary policy.”

The euro zone is also moving to increase oversight of countries’ budget plans earlier in the process and to give the European Commission greater power to propose financial penalties on countries that violate the rules, unless blocked by a large majority of members.

If and when that happens, said Graham Bishop, an independent financial analyst who has advised the British and European Parliaments, it “would be the moment of collective control of an errant state — the final step toward a de facto political union.”

I don’t know Mr, Bishop, or much about him, but let me thank him for saying what the Euro-Elite don’t have the guts to say.  It is vital not to let opposition to the enemy be seen as opposition to our friends and allies, like that CSU MP and many similar brave Germans, and Danes, French, Italians, and others of all nationalities.

What is going on in Europe today is scandalous. The perpetrators of these clandestine manoeuvres would make America’s Benedict Arnold a national hero by comparison. Another similar figure who springs to mind is Lord Haw-Haw   – they should bear in mind what happened to him!