Pocong Tanah Kusir! Knock, knock, knockin’ on Satan’s Door…

The Jakarta Post reported yesterday (in all seriousness) that the neighbourhood around Tanah Kusir in South Jakarta is being terrorised by a supernatural horror, a pocong!

Here’s our standard pocong photograph.

Readers may recall our previous post, back on 9th May, about my friendly cabbie’s eerie tale, his spectral passenger, in the very same area. And moreover there was that local film this year, Hantu Tanah Kusir (The TK Ghost)

The Jakarta Post has a problem with its reporters, or more likely its sub-editors, because, having given us a whiff of a history of haunting, it fails totally to explain what happened ten years ago. Hence I had to do some research elsewhere, for it has been around a while, and frequently, according to the RW ( community leader’s) office in TK.

detik.com  – ‘Residents have often heard and seen this phenomenon.. However, nothing could be done by local authorities. “This flying pocong has happened frequently. In front of my own home, my house-maid has seen it herself,” said Iskandar, secretary to the RW said last Monday.

and Pos Kota -Monday, | More Kebayoran Lama (Pos Kota) – A resdient named Maman explained that the pocong was first spotted on Friday (2 / 9) morning, at around 02:30 by Ubaidilah, 28, while outside his house. “Suddenly, he saw a ghostly pocong flying from the upper house to the house of other residents. it then disappeared,”said Maman. Having heard this man screaming hysterically in fear, residents came to the place where Ubaidilah saw the ghost. In short, this case spread from mouth to mouth.


I go past this area a lot, but not yet by moonlight!

Until finally returning residents were surprised by the appearance of ‘pocong’ a second time on Friday (9 / 9) morning at around 2:00. This time, another man, Ibnu, along with two colleagues, saw three spectres. “The ghostly figure in the middle stopped and glared at  Ibnu and his friends,” said Maman. “If seen by more than three people, I think it really exists, “he said….
“We’ve often heard the story. In fact, I feel bored when I hear the issue of pocong flying every Tuesday or Friday night, “said Heru, a grave digger and trader in tombstones, on Monday (12 / 9).

Berita8 – after giving more details of youngsters in a boarding house who saw the pocong, quotes another local government leader turned the apparition to civic advantage. ‘Meanwhile, Sub-District Head of Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta, Budi Wibowo, said the issue of  flying pocong in his area should be seen in a positive light, because with surrounding citizens will increase vigilance against wrong-doers.

Smart man! But the hearts are pounding down there. JP again.

Residents attempted to capture the elusive pocong but, so far, their efforts have failed. “The ghost terrified housewives the most. Once they hear a knock on the door, they are afraid that it could be the pocong,” he said.

So you’ll each have to make up your own minds on this, whether the problems experienced currently by residents are simply a continuation of an age-old haunting, or if the folks down south have watched the movie and been collectively ‘spooked.’
For my part, I’m sceptical, despite my fascination with the local pantheon of ghoulies (my Indonesian friends often ask me what I’d do if I encountered a pocong one night, and I tend to shock them by saying I’d greet it amiably, ‘Hi Potch,’ and suggest adjourning for a beer!

But as far as supernatural door-knocking is concerned, here’s that photo again.

Potchy’s arms are pinioned within his shroud. No knocking possble!