IslamoNazis Ready for War Against Christians in Maluku

‘Police Headquarters is up to preventing Ambon becoming a battlefield again after the the conflict of 1999. One way is to prevent the entry of outsiders and weapons to Ambon…”We take precautions. Not to impose on citizens but for the common good,” said Police Inspector Anton Bachrul Alam on Tuesday (13 / 9)  Police checks are primarily looking for weapons and non-residents.’

 Anton Bachrul Alam

After the hideous civil warfare twelve years ago, let’s hope the cops succeed.

Last time round, elements of Indonesia’s security forces facilitated the invasion of the one-time capital of the break-away Republic of the South Moluccas, Ambon, by vicious Muslim gangsters like Laskar Jihad.

I was pretty new here then and was shocked by a Jakarta Post photo of L.K brigands being WELCOMED home at Surabaya harbour after their blood-thirsty rampage against the Christians across the water.

The late President Gus Dur had ordered his men to block the scum’s jihad but high-ranking traitors ignored their commander-in-chief’s orders, yet another example of ummatry, the vile concept whereby sectarian allegiance takes priority over patriotic duty.

 The scurvy thugs had been egged on by senior politicans, and an account of their evil forays can be found at this link.

But when Anton was asked by reporters yesterday if there was ‘any information about the mobilization of mobsters to Ambon,  he declined to answer directly. “We, yes, we want Ambon peaceful,” he said.’

And now of course, the IslamoNazi FPI (Defenders of Islam) has declared itself ready to renew the sectarian war that tore Ambon apart in 1999, after last week’s flare-up of tensions there, in the wake of a single road accident that trouble-makers have claimed was an assault.

I deliberately held off posting on this recent uproar. I somehow expected that, as my old auntie used to say, ‘there’s no show without Punch.’ If any situation can be worsened, you can rely on the FPI’s bigot bullies to stick their ugly noses in.

According to the  Java Post, bases are already established in some areas.  Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) for example have opened up registration for volunteers to Ambon. “We will send fighters there if officials cannot act fairly,” said Secretary General Muhammad Shobri FPI Lubis yesterday.


If any of you don’t remember, Lubis is the freako who openly incited his savage fans to ‘kill, kill, kill’ Ahmadis.Nice to know he’s an equal-opportunities practitioner of incitement to violence, Christians not excluded from the web of hatred he and his scumrades spin.

In addition to the FPI, several groups  involved in Ambon in 1999 also began to organize themselves. In fact, the Internet has emerged as the way to prepare messages and to warn of police surveillance. “For brothers who want to see to our brothers who were injured in Ambon, be careful, we’ll be treated like terrorists,” the news website last night.

Yesterday, representatives of the Islamic People’s Forum (FUI) led by Mohammed Al Khathath Kabareskrim also met with the Criminal Investigation Police Commissioner, General Sutarman.

 Here’a pic of the FUI, to show you what they are all about!

During the meeting one hour (from noon  to 1pm) the FUI got police agreement that the  Criminal Investigation team would investigate the death of the ojek (motorcycle taxi driver)  “We demand an autopsy because in the photos we received, the deceased Darmin had stab wounds and the police there agreed,” said Al Khathath in front of the Criminal Investigation Department yesterday. He also showed photographs to reporters. Darmin’s death was the main cause of conflict in Ambon last Sunday, September 11. “We call on the other party immediately to provide clarification and submit the perpetrators if there was violence on that man,” he said.

So that’s the way it is tonight, folks, Islamists showing their contempt for the Police by saying they’ll take the law into their own hands if they don’t get their own way. Only this time it’s not a matter of intimidating some poor guy selling snacks during Ramandan fasting.

The last time Ambon and the rest of the South Moluccas went to war, more than NINE THOUSAND died.