Ignorant Islamist Bigots Attack Indonesia’s Heritage, Java Statues Wrecked.

Pos Kota today reports that an Islamist rabble in Purwakart, Central Java, attacked and ‘destroyed three statues of Semar, Krishna and Bhima.’ These are three mythological characters prominent in Javanese culture, often starring in the popular wayang puppet shows. The ignorant scumbags ran amok as usual, the excuse being ‘to remove people from the threat of idolatry!’

Pos Kota said that ‘tensions had blanketed the Purwakarta Regency’ as hundreds of bigots followed  motorbike and car convoys around the city.

‘Not unexpectedly, the mob rampaged and pulled down the statues at three locations, including a main roundabout, where Semar stood. Semar, by the way, is widely regarded as the legendary protector of Java, much as King Arthur features in English lore.


As is often regrettably the case, the journos were on the ball, but not the police, who didn’t manage to save those statues, but at least ‘thwarted the plan to destroy that of Arjuna,’ another Javanese hero.

Turns out the vandalism erupted from a demo by the FUI, the Muslim Forum, which is ludicrously described by tempInterakti.com as a group of ‘scholars and students.’  Ignoramuses, more like!

It has to be understood that these sectarian savages despise the democratic process. They’ve been agitating for some time against these icons of Javanese culture, but since the local Regent, Dedi, hasn’t conceded their demands, their response is to run amok.

Dedi today would only offer a ‘no comment’ but one hopes he’ll stand firm.