Jupe v. Fauzi Bowo….Kata Cewek2 Demo ‘Foke You!’

So our esteemed Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo has apologised for his inane comment last week, which sought to blame rape victims who had the audacity to wear mini-skirts or shorts on public transport. Good.

Humble Pie is rarely heard of as part of the usual gubernatorial diet. Far from it – he even guzzled down the snacks proferred by the IslamoNazi FPI last year. There he sits, in his trade-mark black headgear.


But Foke (his obscure local nick-name) clearly hadn’t reckoned with the fury of Jakarta’s womanhood, some of whom rallied today at the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout, bearing banners with some strong messages, listed by Media Indonesia.


Don’t tell us how to dress, but tell them not to rape”, “Bukan rok kami yang salah, tapi otak kalian yang mini” (It’s not our skirts but your tiny brain that’s at fault’) “Jangan salahkan baju kami, hukum si pemerkosa”, “Tubuhku tidak porno, yang porno otakmu” (Not my body that’s pornographic but your mind) “My rok mini, my right, Foke you”, “Kendalikan nafsumu, bukan kendalikan pakaianku” (Control your lust, not my clothes)

My personal favourite was ‘Foke You!’ but I quote also from Kapanlagi.com

‘Salahkan Pemerkosa, Jangan Salahkan Korban!’  tulis Jupe.

                                                                                                                                                         Yes, Julia Perez, dangdut diva extraordinaire got into the fight and told him ‘Blame the Rapist, Not the Victim!’

As you see, she doesn’t embarrass easily, but I’ll bet Foke is a tad red in the face.. .for a few days at least, given Jakarta bigwigs’ general typical modesty duration.