Black Days for Civilisation – Cameron’s Final Sell-Out, US Forces Betrayed, Even Tasmania Bedevilled!

Some pretty desolate days for the West recently, with America’s Armed Forces jack-booted by the Manchurian President to accept perverts, wasting milllions of dollars on ‘sensitivity training’ to indoctrinate decent servicemen and women into abandoning their values.

And in Britain the last pretence that David Cameron is any kind of ‘conservative’ was cast aside last week when Britain’s  ‘Fairy Circle’  – aka the ConLibDem Coalition – declared itself for so-called ‘gay’ marriage. This exaltation of deviant cohabitation is scheduled for 2015.

 Ain’t He Sweet?

Downing Street made it  clear that the Prime Minister had taken a strong personal interest in the move, and had insisted that progress be speeded up….A Number 10 source said: ‘He was very keen to press ahead on this. This is something that the Prime Minister has taken a strong personal interest in.’

This lying hypocrite oozed into his parliamentary seat by rational attacks on the ‘gay’ agenda, but when reminded of his former stand for decency, his craven cowardice impelled him to refuse further comment.

Now he shows his true pink colours – if there is anything true about such a charlatan – and betrays every traditional value for which the United Kingdom ever stood.

And from Australia we hear that new passports will accommodate freaks by having three options to decribe one’s ‘gender’ – that means ‘sex’ by the way. (Cameron is looking to emulate this nonsense on UK passports too) 

And in Tasmania, the Lower House of the State Parliament has passed a happily meaningless motion supporting the same ‘same-sex’ ‘marriage’ garbage as DC is about to impose on Brits.

It is of course monstrous, but no worse than, possibly not as bad as, existing laws in Britain that permit queers to adopt defenceless children-that is truly a crime against humanity.

But what struck me as the most appalling aspect of the UK media reports was their claim that polls now show a majority of the public prepared to accept these perversions of traditional decency.

How can this be? Well, if it is true, then we know how – the persecution of Christians, the war on free speeech, the poisoning of young minds by the education sysytem that embraces ‘gay’ propaganda, the deployment of the police as a ‘gay gestapo,’ harassing anyone who reminds Brits that homosexuality is an aberration, that should be cured, not acclaimed.

May God forgive the swine responsible, for history will not.