Lest We Forget! The Communist Evil Indonesia Escaped..

In 1965, Indonesia crushed its Communist Party, the PKI. One of the reasons I detest the Jakarta Post is their regular nauseating outbursts of grief over the fate of unrepentant PKI hacks, who to this day have never expressed remorse for their shameful involvement in a movement dedicated to enslaving this amazing country.


The PKI leader D.N Aidit, once remarked that of all the countries mired in red tyranny at that time, North Korea was that which he thought best. Happily, he was shot. Not a single tear should be shed for him. 

Yahoo News Canada yesterday.

Amid cautious international efforts to engage North Korea, US lawmakers invited two women to share their stories of suffering in a bid to put a greater priority on improving human rights in the communist nation. Kim Hye-Sook on Tuesday told a congressional panel that she was taken to a prison camp with her family when she was only 13 because, she learned later, her grandfather had defected to South Korea years earlier.

Inmates were forced to work in coalmines for up to 18 hours a day and ate scraps of food, she said, and guards threatened to execute anyone who broke rules — including a ban on prisoners even knowing why they were jailed. Kim said that many people including her family members died at Camp Number 18, where she said “human lives are worth less than those of flies.”

“I cannot even begin to describe how many people suffered and died because of starvation in the prison camp,” she said, recalling bodies “riddled with countless bullet holes” if the inmates were seen as disobeying authorities. “There was a time when I saw the bodies of people who were killed by firing squad who were rolled up in straw mats and carried away in carts, and said to myself, ‘Even dogs will not die so pitifully,'” she told the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

And none of this is news, really, for if you read the book  ‘The Aquariums of Pyongyang,’ you’ll see that North Korea, like every Marxist regime, has always existed only to oppress its workers, and to glorify its living tyrants and the dead philosophy they proclaim.

America made a great mistake when it refused to allow General MacArthur to win the war back in the 1950s. It will be another major error if it bales out the same enemy again.