‘Hot Under the Collar “Scholar,” On Bikinis, Minis…Shariah, Coming Your Way Soon!

Last night we posted on the IslamoNazi FPI’s bizarre take on the miniskirt controversy, which they see as a means of imposing shariah dress codes on the entire female population of Jakarta – between five to ten million women, most of whom currently don’t even wear head-scarves!  And we promised a glance too at the Islamist ‘scholars’ who are getting hot under the collar on the issue.

Okezone again, 19/9

In this case the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) concurred with the view of Foke (Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo)          “It (sexual misconduct) isn’t just because men think dirty, but because there’s invitation,” said Chairman of MUI Amidhan.

MUI itself, he added, had also issued a fatwa about this. According to him, it helps women who are out of the house to use clothes that cover the genitalia, are not transparent and not so tight as to accentuate the body shape. He continued that it would be more appropriate if they used clothing open at the proper places. “The issue of clothing…it’s important to use clothes suitable to one’s  location. For example, on the beach in a bikini…but if in public transportation or any public place, don’t open up like that,” he said.

  Jakarta Bus Queue? In Your Dreams, Amidhan! 

Not yet spotted any bikini-clad beauties on my daily commute so far, more’s the pity. Must try a different route!

Of course, what he means is the absurd Islamist definition of genitalia, like legs above knee-level or shoulders or belly-buttons!

No shorts or short skirts on the buses…FOR WOMEN. Men can wear shorts, no problem, because women, unlike men, in Amidhan’s quaint universe, are not lust-driven beasts. 

Physician heal thyself. His mates must be a rattling fine bunch of libidinous layabouts, if that’s what he thinks men are like.  Of course some guys are ready to molest defenceless women any old time, but they don’t need no invitation.

Amidhan said that a good Muslim woman always keeps on her clothing when outdoors. “In Islam, women must cover their private parts out of the house, in accordance with the letter of Al-Ahzab (59) which reads “Let them extend their scarves around the body. That is so they are easier to be recognized, therefore they will not be disturbed, “he explained.

Amidhan, really! Women must cover their private parts? Well, they do.

Keep on their clothing while outdoors? Never seen any bare-naked ladies in town yet.

This geezer simply wants to discriminate agianst women which is the essence of shariah, of course. BUT…men don’t have to! Mediaeval, right?  What century is the wretched man living in?

And what’s he on about, with the bikini comment? His own rules, as stated clearly above, mean bikinis are unacceptable outdoors, which the beach surely is. So girls can maybe don such swim-wear in the privacy of their own bathtubs? Except that most Indonesians don’t use bath-tubs. Oh, they’re as clean as you or me, but they use the mandi, which looks like this.

And you don’t climb into it. You use that little scoop to pour cold water over yourself – very refreshing as well as arguably more hygienic than our western baths. But not much scope for bikinis!

Trying to make any kind of sense of the MUI mentality is taxing work, but it is important that overseas readers especially get the picture. For already the ignoramus Islamist element in Western countries is seeking to impose its imbecilic outlook on more civilised people.  Just read on!

Extract from Digital Journal 18/9
Pakistan born Baroness Shreela Flather wrote a piece which appears in the Daily Mail today, which raises the issue of Muslim polygamists exploiting the benefit system in Britain for welfare payments.  She is able to broach a topic that others would be accused of being racist if they raised even though the basic premise of bigamy, let along polygamy, is against British law. The Baroness writes that the issue

“Is something that has been a taboo subject for far too long, because of the sensitivities about the issue of race” and goes on to say “The (benefits) system is exploited by some migrants.”

The Baroness writes that many men are exploiting the benefits system by claiming benefits for more than one spouse, plus their children, and taking advantage of free housing and extra payments by producing larger families. As bigamy is illegal in Britain they marry additional spouses outside the UK under Islamic law. She writes

“There may be around 1,000 polygamous families living in the UK, costing taxpayers millions of pounds every year.”

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi has raised the issue of a lack of government initiative over polygamy. The BBCreported she said

“There has been a failure on the part of policymakers to respond to this situation. Some of it has been done in the name of cultural sensitivity and we’ve just avoided either discussing or dealing with this matter head on.”

However when the issue is raised critics make cries of Islamophobia. In response to the comments Baroness Warsi made Hamza Jennings com.responded by accusing her of launching an attack on

“Muslims who practice the divinely sanctioned practice of polygamy. She sees this blessing that Allah gave the Muslims as a real problem because it goes against ‘British law.’”

It goes on to say

“She calls herself a Muslim yet is actively working towards preventing the Muslims from practicing one of Allah’s laws because she feels that UK law is superior to sharia and should take presidence over it.”

The Olir.itconducted a study on polygamy in Britain which took the viewpoint

“Regarding polygamy, the UK has constantly tried to conform immigrants’ laws to national laws.”

The point Baroness Flather raised though is that these same immigrants would not have the same right to benefits paid for by taxpayers in the countries where polygamy is legal, so many are exploiting the benefit system for personal gain through multiple marriages.
Well, the lady knows what she’s talking about, and this next paragraph sums up the evil arrogance we’re dealing with.
Westerners who choose to live in countries which uphold Islamic Sharia law are obliged to live under the constraints of that law, yet immigrants to the U.K. expect British law to make accommodations to Sharia law. When British law rules that one person can only be married to one person at a time, it is time for the government to actually address flagrant abuses of the benefit system by those who engage in polygamy, without the race card being waved.
Don’t say you haven’t been warned!