Jakarta IslamoNazis Abhor Mini-Skirts, Push for Shariah Dress-Code

After Sunday’s miniskirt demo in Jakarta, and Govenor Fauzi Bowo’s apology for his dumbo comments on rape victims, one might have thought Jakarta could get on with practical measures to safeguard ladies who use public transport. One would of course be wrong, for there are hare-brained ‘scholars’ here, and IslamoNazi thugs, who were almost bound to get into the stramash.
 Hate Merchant Lubis
As ever, the notorious Sobri Lubis, who is on video record screaming at his vicious Islamist fans to ‘kill, kill, kill’ innocent Ahmadis, grabbed the chance to open his ugly gob. He’s Secretary General of the country’s best-known hate group, the FPI, Islamic Defenders’ Front, and here’s what he told okezone.com.
“No need to retract his words, that was the right thing to say. No need to apologize, enough to be concerned for the victims, but the public should be made aware that their dress should cover their private parts if sexual misconduct is to be avoided. We do not close our eyes to what impels such acts,” he explained.

Readers will remember that Islamonazis like Lubis don’t actually speak the same language as normal human beings.

Their concept of ‘private parts’ includes knees, thighs, shoulders and mid-riffs. And Lubis goes on to show that his kind of scumbag sees the recent rapes on public transport as merely an issue to exploit in their drive towards the introduction of primitive shariah, a chance to impose on all the lovely ladies of Indonesia the drabbery in which they drape their own subjugated squaws.

 Lovely Indonesian Ladies 

Shariah Squaws 

He just hoped Foke (Fauzi Bowo) would follow up with the issuance of rules that prohibit women dressed sexily in public places.  Pointing to what he evidently deems a bad example   “…a secular country like the United States…“that infidel country, whereas in Indonesia, high standards of  social decorum are upheld,” he hoped.

Absolutely. Here are some examples of Lubis’s concept of social decorum.


And the Nazis have allies in the fight to revoke Foke’s apology. The MUI…but we’ll look at them tomorrow.