What’s Wrong With Rob? Harper Stumbles with Video Suppression Bid

We were all delighted when Rob Ford won the job of Mayor of Toronto, in the teeth of the left-lib media bias against him. And further cheered when he found a reason not to attend the recent ‘perv pride’ parade in that fair city.
Most of us hailed Ford as the first step in restoring Canada to normality.
With Stephen Harper’s national victory, we hoped that things were getting better – and now Ontario has a chance in its provincial election to confirm the right way forward. Not that Hudak has done real conservatives many favours in the campaign, but ANYTHING must be an improvement on the wretched McGinty Liberal regime.
Then suddenly this erupts –
Canada Politics 19/11
A YouTube video of Stephen Harper speaking at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s summer barbeque is back on the Internet again.In the video, Harper calls for a Conservative hat-trick in Ontario saying, “We’ve cleaned up the left-wing mess federally in this area, Rob’s doing it municipally, and now we’ve got to complete the hat-trick and do it provincially as well.” Apparently, Conservatives don’t want Canadians to see the video:

Every time the video has appeared on YouTube, it’s been taken down – at the request of the federal Conservatives.    The Toronto Star reported the Prime Minister’s Office placed calls to organizers as soon as the video went up in early August. Guest lists were sought in a bid to find who had posted it to YouTube and by the next morning, it was down…

What is wrong with Harper?

Ford is one of the few good guys in modern Canadian politics. Sure, if he’d LOST that mayoral election, one could understand a tactical distancing, but why step back from a winner?

Harper is a mystery -is he on the level, was that videoed chat his real self – or has he u-turned so often because he has no fixed ideological compass at all?