Bigot-in-Chief Suryadharma ‘Condemns’ Church Bombing, But Some Decent Muslims ACT!

A teenager has died as a result of injuries sustained at the hands of that jihadist pig’s terror bomb. His/her identity has not yet been revealed.

The Jakarta Post has news of some decent Muslims prepared to defend their creed’s reputation.  

Nurson Wahid, of GP Ansor, has promised to send members to protect houses of worship following the suicide bombing that killed one and injured eight in a church in Surakarta, Central Java, on Sunday…bombing was likely related to previous religiously motivated radical attacks, according to Wahid. “This is indeed savage and cannot be tolerated. It is uncivilized and hurts the dignity, integrity and meaning of diversity.” 

And a Densus 88 spokesman, speaking to the Jakarta Globe, has confirmed what most of us expected. “Early analysis of the motive of the bomber links him to Ambon and the culprit will not be far from radical groups. It’s revenge. The motive of course can only be confirmed when the network is revealed.”  (Densus 88 is the special Anti-Terrorist unit here)

Revenge? For what? The Ambon incident was deliberately incited by lying text messages, claiming a road accident victim had been ‘tortured’ by Christians. Somebody plainly wanted an action replay of the Laskar Jihad Islamist atrocities that occurred in 1999.

It was text messaging too that played a key role in the February Pogrom, when three Ahmadis were martyred by a Muslim mob. Those convicted for their role in outrage that got derisory sentences, with not a whisper of protest from the repulsive Suryadharma Ali.  Remember him? 

But today he found his voice.  Suryadharma strongly condemned the violence, and stated his opposition to any form of religious violence or terrorism.
He also said that he expected police to immediately investigate the attack and prosecute any accomplices found to be working with the bomber. JG today

This is the man whose hateful features are familiar to us all as one of the worst inquisitionists in Indonesia. As Minister of Religious Affairs, he is supposed to act as the Constitution requires, safeguarding the right of every Indonesian to worship as he or she chooses.

Instead he has egged on oppression, declaring again and again that Ahmadiyah should be suppressed.

He has said and done nothing at all to help the persecuted Christian church in Bogor.

 Buddha Statue Downed by Islamist Ignoramuses

His own flunkeys in Tanjung Pinang were openly complicit in forcing down the Buddhists’ statue after sectarian Islamists demanded that violation of citizens’ rights.

Now he prattles in a froth of indignation after some less exalted primitive explodes a deadly device at a small church in Solo?

There is allegedly a Cabinet re-shuffle due soon.  Perhaps he thinks his comment on this latest Islamist terrorism will keep him in his job.

Every decent Indonesian, and those in the expat community who care about their host country, will cheer if that canting fanatic is fired.