Aussie Court OK! But Why Cringe to MultiCult? Media Cover-Up Underway?

An Australian Federal Magistrate, who rightly ruled in favour of a young girl menaced by her benighted parents, tail-ended his judgement with a breath-taking cringe to the sort of primitives who have been allowed to settle in the increasingly Unlucky Country!

 Joe Harman

“It is not the right of any parent to cause their child to be married against their will, whether in accordance with Australian law or otherwise,” said Joe Harman as he ordered that the girlnot be removed from Australia by her parents and told them they must not assault, molest, harass, threaten or intimidate her, or question her about the court proceedings.

Her Dark  Age parents had planned to force the 16-year-old into marriage in Lebanon with a man she’d met but once, and the girl, brought up in a civilised country, had sought rescue by Australia’s courts.

Good for Aussie, but then Harman made a sycophantic comment seemingly designed to avoid offending ‘a certain religion.’  Despite the judgment, Mr Harman said he wasn’t criticising any culture that had arranged marriages. “The arrangements proposed should not be judged or criticised from a Western perspective, but must be viewed through the eyes of those who live and appreciate that culture,” he said.

What? He’s Australian, she’s Australian, Australia is a Western nation, not a demented desert. Of course such arrangements should be judged and criticised from a Western perspective!

The girl is brave and the parents barbaric. But how many other such mediaeval migrants get away with bullying daughters, or sons, into such vile ‘marriages.’ I’m fortunate in having offspring with back-bone, like the lass in the story, and if I tried any similar nonsense, said off-spring would likely respond with that delightful Barry MacKenzie-ism, ‘Go and stick yer head up a dead bear’s bum, Dad!’

I have taught mine own to say what’s in the heart and act accordingly. What is so wrong with the whole dung-heap of multicult is that, like that magistrate, society accords all cultures parity of esteem. What nonsense! Would that judge talk the same way about the widow-burning that we Brits suppressed in the Raj? Or about cannibalism, which has been a part of various cultures in the past?

Even today some cultures are extremely unwholesome, intrinsically discriminative against women, forcing them to wear clothes that are a badge of subordination, denying them the multiple spouses their brothers can enjoy (or endure!) and making them lose out in inheritance law.

Every Australian child should be taught just how rotten that is! Magistrates, schools and politicians should be in the forefront of saying so, and encourage members of backward cultures who openly reject and condemn their primitive aspects.  

And what’s with the Aussie media? Sure, the girl’s identity is kept off the news, but not one newspaper I checked had identified which sorry ‘culture’ this girl was tormented by. Only one had a hint, the photo below.

Child bride's victory over parents

Good on The Telegraph!

Perhaps readers can let me know if any other national or local media did the honest thing and alerted Australians to the enemy within.