Death-Threat Imam Undeported, As Sweden Sinks In a Shariah Swamp

 Just relaxing after a long hard day’s sunbathing, when I got this news item sent to me, a reader having dspotted it on Canada’s excellent Blazing Catfur blog.

I have of course re-composed it into Ross-talk, added photos and comments of my own!

 Savages in Sweden, As Yet Undeported

The departure of Sweden from the civilised world is sadly imminent, in the absence of any action to detain, deport or perhaps defenestrate (from a high minaret) the piece of Islamist garbage quoted below. 

How can a state-owned radio channel, Sveriges Radio, allow an imam resident in Sweden to express a death threat against a whole group of people who have converted from Islam to Christianity?….“It is every Muslim’s responsibility to kill those who leave Islam. This is what could be heard recently on Sveriges Radio, when an imam from Rinkeby was allowed to present a text on how you should act towards Somalis who convert to Christianity.”

 Lofgren        On the 15th September, the same source had quoted SR International head Ingemar Löfgren said that he decided to pull the transcript from SR’s website pending receipt of an official translation, pointing out that he is responsible for several channels broadcast in languages which he does not speak. “If an imam calls for other Muslims to kill converts, then we have a journalistic responsibility…’

Big deal. Yes, of course they have a responsibility to prevent Islamist savages saying that sort of thing, but it is much more important that the dirty primitive be arrested and expelled. The Swedish Government and Police are seriously remiss in their duty if this has not been done.

And no junkmail please about how maybe he was born in Sweden or has got hold of a Swedish passport. Who gives a damn! Alien swine that preach shariah hate have no place in any civilised country, Sweden, Australia, Canada or Britain.

The Taliban or Saudi would welcome him.

But that would still leave Sweden with thousands like him, the consequence of multicult idiocy. Immigration from countries populated by rational human beings is one thing, and genuine refugees, like Somali converts in danger of their lives, is another, but only a government of madmen permits migration from the Dark Ages into the modern world.