Days Away from Vote, Tories Slam McGuinty’s Twisted Agenda

CBC reported Monday that ‘Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak is deflecting questions about flyers issued by his party labelled by critics as anti-gay.

Copies of these flyers were distributed over the weekend in some ridings in the Greater Toronto Area.

It singles out quotes purportedly lifted from the document titled “Challenging Homophobia and Heterosexism: A K-12 Curriculum Resource Guide.”

“Read some traditional folk tales and fairy tales with the class. Have students write/illustrate their own ‘gender-bending’ versions,” the flyer quotes the guide as saying. “Don’t want this for your kids? Parents don’t have a say,” the flyer says, adding: “Parents: Have your say. On October 6, vote against the McGuinty agenda.”

Good for the Tories – if they’re serious about scrubbing the garbage out of class-rooms! But if we look at their record on the federal level, we should wait and see before we cheer. Harper used to talk the talk, but now he suppresses his own back-benches if they dare speak up for decency against the pervert agenda.

And we have only just seen on Canada’s Blazing Catfur blog that apparently Tory strategists had talked of laying off issues of principle like this, for fear of losing undesirables’ votes.   Wierd, huh?

However, in the absence of any other alternative to the lousy Liberals, we’d better hope they win. They don’t appear to have much media support, but in Canada these days, now that the National Post has defected to left-libbery, no surprise there.

Esp. with the CBC, with its pathetic bid to undercut the Tory flyer’s message.

  But the quotes are not included in the curriculum, only in the anti-homophobia resource guide.

Oh, well, that’s okay then, a resource guide obviously has no bearing on the kind of poison the degenerates on the TDSB aim to pump into innocents. So do tell, CBC, what do you think the resource guide is meant to be used FOR?