Vixen Viviane Cowed – French Deport Parasitic Roma, Bulgaria Wobbles…and of course, Canada Soaks Them Up!

Interesting item from EUObserver 30/9, reporting that ‘one year after EU justice commissioner Viviane Reding compared France to Nazi Germany over its expulsions of Roma, she has opted to keep silent on reports that little has changed.


Her flunkey Matthew Newman fessed up in Brussels last week that the EUSSRdoes not have a legal mandate to criticise France. “Member states have responsibility for keeping order in their country, their territory, so it’s up to each member state to look at the situation and to decide what actions need to be taken,” he said.

This is good as far as it goes, and represents a huge climb-down by the arrogant Luxemburgisch vixen (now, apparently, deputy fuhrer of the EU Politburo) who, as EUObs says, began ‘a political war with France over the same issue’ just a year ago. The roma undesirables had been making French folks’ lives a misery and Sarkozy had felt obliged to act agianst the alien parasites. “I personally have been appalled by a situation that gave the impression that people are being removed from a member state of the EU just because they belong to an ethnic minority … This is a situation I thought Europe would not have to witness again after the Second World War.”

But now she’s singing from a different song-book, leaving the French to handle their own affairs, and they are doing so quite splendidly, with almost 5000 ‘Romanian and Bulgarian citizens,’ i.e. Roma kicked out in the first quarter of 2011, a giant step froward from last year, when under 10,000 were  deported over the entire twelve months!

Unlike the simpering twits who sit on judicial benches in the UK, French courts issue mass-scale deportation orders! Inevitably, busy-bodies are complaining that these intruders are evicted ‘even if they have nowhere to go.’ How about home? They weren’t born in France, don’t carry French passports, and thus if French people, police and pariament decide they don’t wnat their society blighted by those who don’t belong, WHY NOT?

You have to wonder about groups like Human Rights Watch, whose spokesman is quoted as whining  that these misfits ‘are also being thrown out in violation of norms on first assessing individuals’ needs in terms of poverty or healthcare.

You’ve gotta be kidding!?! Since when has it become France’s duty to alleviate the poverty or provide tax-paid health-care for any intinerants who decide to batten onto La Belle France?

Mind you, given that their countries of origin have a realistic assessment of the sort of problems these Roma impose on the community, one can see why they prefer to leech on France.

Yet still we get this kind of special pleading nonsense comment in

Recent riots in the capital by Bulgaria’s Roma gypsies were the result of discrimination, a human rights group said on Thursday…Police were patrolling a Sofia district bordering a Roma ghetto, where about 400 gypsies armed with knives, axes, sticks and spades went on the rampage late on Tuesday after rumours surfaced they were about to be attacked by skinheads.The unrest began on Sunday, when a Roma gypsy was reportedly beaten by skinheads. A day later about 200 gypsies smashed a cafe and attacked four people they said looked like skinheads…Police made no arrests on Tuesday, and local media quoted Interior Ministry Chief Secretary Ilia Iliev as saying they were afraid of being accused of discrimination had they done so.

Oh, well, that’s okay, these hoodlums figured four blokes ‘looked like’ skinheads so got stuck into them, regardless, and the whole Roma rampage is palmed off as what? Justified, because one Roma was ‘reportedly’ beaten?

But while their government quails before political correctness, ordinary Bulgarians are not turning the other cheek, thank goodness. Another EUObs report, from Valentina Pop, yesterday, describes how Bulgaria saw massive protests after a young Bulgarian was murdered in a Roma village a week ago.

Seems that riot police were needed to contain the fury of Bulgarians fed up with Roma lawlessness. Both students and soccer fans linked up, thousands strong, with ‘many of the Bulgarian demonstrators denouncing the “parasite communities” of Roma, whose clan leaders often live in villas and do not pay taxes.’ 

So well done France, for not allowing these wretches to spread into their fair country.

Meanwhile, a simple attempt in Britain by a local council to reclaim green belt land from so-called ‘travellers’ (who show great reluctance to travel on) has been dragged out interminably at a cost of millions to local tax-payers, and even though yesterday Basildon Council got a green light, further obstacles in the form of ‘judicial reviews’ are holding things up AGAIN.

When I lived in Cambridgeshire, a bunch of these ‘travellers’ descended on a piece of open land on the edge of the small town where I dwelt, and turned it into a filthy midden. 

Good on ya, Basildon, kick ’em out! 

Britannia Dementia!

Ahead of the presidential elections on 23 October, far-right Ataka party leader Volen Siderov tried to capitalise on the tensions and called for the death penalty to be reinstated and for Roma “ghettos” to be dismantled.

In Bulgaria, the EU’s poorest member state, Roma make up around five percent of the total population of 7.4 million. While most of the Roma live segregated and in poor conditions, some gang leaders do have connections with organised crime and trafficking rings. The gang lord allegedly connected to the killing has meanwhile been arrested, however, for having threatened to murder the people who set his property on fire.

Oh, yes, and BTW, Canadian readers, don’t sit back and relax – read the Toronto Sun

QMI Agency has acquired a 2010 Canada Border Services Agency report that concluded most of the claimants from Hungary are Roma – a stateless ethnic group that considers the name ‘Gypsy’ derogatory.
Once those claimants arrive, they’re set up to receive medical, dental and eye care at no charge, social assistance benefits, and financial help for housing and furniture while their case is sorted out