‘Ban Miss World!’ say Kill-Joy Clerics. Why? ‘She Ain’t Sharia Compliant!’

The Dark Ages are really back with a vengeance in West Java at the moment.

Not content with urging the President to get even tougher on the innocent Ahmadi religious minority… not content with telling local Christians they may only worship at sites approved by local Islamist bigots …..not even at ease with the country’s most popular dangdut singers!

NOW they turn their mean-spirited fanaticism on the delightful Leila Lopez, the new Miss World (belated editing -ooops. it’s Miss Universe. Assumed they were synonymous, but no!).

Not Sharia-Compliant? Sounds Good to Me! Looks Even Better!

General Secretary of the MUI in West Java, HM Rafani Achyar said, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) of West Java, refjects any invitation to Leila Lopes to the city of Bandung. This is because the Angolan Miss Universe was scheduled to meet with the Mayor of Bandung, Dada Rosada, although Dada has launched a program of Bandung as the ‘Religious City.’

 Achnyar Rafani

Achyar considered the meeting is not relevant to the program of a Religious City, as that title implies a city without liquor, pornography, and porno-action.
He explained that the title of Miss Universe was obtained by a process that is not compliant with Islamic Shari’a. http://www.pikiran-rakyat.com/node/160964

These MUI creeps are a pretty repulsive bunch. Nobody is forcing them to meet the gal, and all the nicer her visit wil be for that!

There are lots of people up there in what USED to be known as THE PARIS OF JAVA ( ! ) who undoubtedly want to see her, even that Islamist mayor! 

So why don’t MUI just shut up and stay indoors as she passes by.