UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence!

A quite disgraceful exercise in neo-colonialism occurred Monday, with the British Embassy openly interfering in Indonesia’s internal affairs by calling for the abolition of capital punishment. This outrageous intrusion could hardly have come at a more insensitive time, with the preparations for the trial of Patek, accused of intimate involvement in the Bali Bomb atrocity. Obviously, if he is convicted, he should be put down like a dog. reports that senior UK diplomats took the opportunity of the pinko ooze-fest known as World Anti-Death Penalty Day to stick their noses in,
Deputy British Ambassador to Indonesia, Rebecca Razavi endorsing the local NGO Imparsial’s call for an end to executions.

Using the feeble-minded stance of the EUSSR as her prop, she harangued her audience thus –“The UK has a principle to oppose the death penalty under any circumstances. We are partners with the European Union who call on all countries to abolish the death penalty for all crimes,”
Wow, partners with the EU? A good reason to dismiss anything she said. But it got worse, her irrationality spilling into this absurd claim.
“There is no evidence to suggest that the death penalty has a deterrent effect.”
Really? She doesn’t realise that Imam Samudra, and his evil cronies, are eternally deterred from taking more innocent lives?
How naive can you get?
The only thing amiss with the death penalty in Indonesia is that it isn’t used often enough.Those filthy sectarian swine who martyred those three Ahmadis at Cikeusik deserve death, preferably slow and painful.

There are scores of terrorist vermin behind bars here, wasting tax-payers’ money by existing. They ought all to be taken out and hanged.
And if Ms Ravazzi differs, okay, she’s entitled to seek to save Patek’s skin, but she doesn’t speak for any but the left-liberal element in British public life.

I hope Indonesian readers understand that Brits were NEVER consulted on this issue and MPs voted it out despite every survey at the time showing their fellow-citizens wanted capital punishment retained.
The Jakarta Post also reported on this and quoted an Imparsial activist, Todung Lubis, as saying that because the law had been ‘inherited’ from Dutch rule, and the Dutch have since changed their law, Indonesia should also.

What illogical clap-trap. By the same reasoning, because Holland has altered its marriage laws to permit pervert weddings, Indonesia should do the same? Hogwash, Imparsial.

Happily, wiser counsel could also be heard in the Jakarta forum, where (Metro TV reports) ‘member of  parliamentary commission I,  Lili Wahid, supported capital punishment for officials of corruption-related to cases of state money.

“I am convinced that the corrupt are still afraid to die. So I support the death penalty for corruption to prevent actions taking people’s money,” said Lili at the same event.

And my sparring partners in the Muslim NU also took issue with the big-nosed neo-colon Brits, with ‘former chairman of the Executive Board of the Nahdlatul Ulama Hasyim also agree the death penalty is still enforced. He said the death penalty can prevent people commit murder. “The death penalty is to preserve life. With the death penalty, one would think a thousand times to kill,” said Hashim.