Allahu Akbar. BUT – How About Patrialis ‘What’s the Rush’ Akbar?..

Justice and Human Rights Minister Patrialis Akbar

Highly entertaining story Monday, about the inimitable Minister of Justice and Human Rights -he whom readers of RRA will recall wanted to send jihadists to the Middle East to attack Israelis. Seriously! Here’s an extract from our previous post –
Patrialis was filmed chatting cheerfully about how to administer the government’s policy of “deradicalising” members of Jemaah Islamiyah, a group that has long been engaged in an armed conflict with the government. In an interview with Al Jazeera to discuss the re-educating programme, Patrialis said he would encourage and even fund the same fighters to carry out “bomb attacks in Israel instead.”
Let’s leave aside his dynamic appearance (photo, above) for now.
He got some curious responses after another infamous remark came when he was asked why the revision of anti-terrorist legislation was taking so long.       “What’s the Rush?”
And of course he was reported as expressing serious concern about tourists girls wandering Jakarta markets clad only in their bras. Have a retrospect on our old post here –
So although we have had our differences with Metro TV, on which institution this latest report centres, it’s difficult not to feel an affinity with them.
They had a talk show and, given that Akbar means ‘great’ in the local lingo ( adapted from that Arabic word we heard from the mob of Islamist savages as they brutally murdered three Ahmadi martyrs), poor Patrialis was derided as Patrialis Mini, whch seems to have upset him so badly that he’s threatening legal action!
The Jakarta Globe 10/10 quoted his flunkey, Goncang Raharjo, thus- “It is the same as an ‘in absentia’ trial. During the program, the people in the discussion said ‘let’s change his name from Patrialis Akbar into Patrialis Mini.’ ”

Having evinced indignation at being literally belittled, the hyper-sensitive Islamist was given 30 minutes all to himself on Metro TV to respond, but he’s still whining to the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission. 

It is said that he fears losing out in the up-coming Cabinet re-shuffle, and it would be no surprise, or cause for grief, if he were. He is, after all, responsible for prisons, and what has been going on in jails here beggars belief. The JG reminds us that a corrupt old bat named Artalyta was caught enjoying a luxury cell during a snap inspection, and of course the Gayus scandal has hardly been forgotten.

But that’s the least of it.

 Not a human rights violation?

For my money, I’d say his views on religious liberty are a much better reason for firing him, as in the Jakarta Post 30/9, where his opinion on the Cikeusik Pogrom is mentioned – Justice and Human Rights Minister Patrialis Akbar stating that the assault and murder may not have been a human rights violation.