West Java Bigotry Worsens, As Bekasi Bans Religious Liberty

Bigoted Islamists scored another victory in their constant war on freedom of worship  here, with Bekasi, West Java, a ghastly place I hated living in, outlawing Ahmadiyah’s right to practice their religion.

TEMPO Interactive reports that the ‘Head of National Unity of Politics and Public Protection, Agus Dharma, said the local government was prohibiting all forms of Ahmadiyya activities after receiving many requests from people that the Ahmadis be banned. “What is prohibited are any activities of the Ahmadiyah,” Agus told reporters in Jakarta, Thursday, October 13, 2011. The decree was issued to prevent social friction in society due to differing views and beliefs…according to Agus, these activities are prohibited because residents complained. “After the decree was signed, there should be no  more.”

Note the picture, Ahmadiyah’s Prophet blasphemously defaced with the image of Bekasi as a self-styled ‘Patriot City.’

This may have been a novel way to celebrate the acquittal of their Mayor Mohamed Mochtar on corruption charges, but whatever, it is a damnable disgrace albeit no surprise to anybody acquainted with the backward bigotry that permeates Bekasi.

Recall the stabbed church elder, his colleagie the lady pastor who was beaten with a stick, and the fatuous penalties imposed on the IslamoNazis found guilty of those assaults. Look at the face of Islamist hate at their church’s service.


No doubt there are decent folk still resident in Bekasi, but even so, I’d call on readers to boycott the cess-pool, but nobody in their right mind would go there unless they absolutley had to!