“Wobbling is Legal – Unless I’m Naked!” Sexy Singer to Islamist Prigs

Bad news for Julia Perez. yummy dangdut star, newly facing a 3-month jail term for that cat-fight with rival diva Dewi Persik!
But she did provide more laughs for the populace as the ‘nattering nabobs of negativism,’ aka the MUI, still face a challenge from Jupe – “Sit down face-to-face and tell me ‘What’s the Problem!’
INILAH.COM, Jakarta reported on Monday that Jupe, ‘banned by the local Council of Islamic ‘Scholars’ ( MUI) from performing in Palembang, South Sumatra because of accusations of vulgar sway, could only laugh.”No way I’m not rocking to my songs,” she explained.’“Wobbling is legal. It’s not pornography. Unless I am naked,” she added. ji
And according to the Surabaya Post, Jupe has actually challenged those kill-joy clerics in Palembang to meet face-to-face! Declaring that their ban was baseless, she said she always followed the rules and felt that the Indonesiam way was dialogue.
Nice one, Jupe.
But I reckon those self-righteous characters would be scared to meet you face-to-face. They’re not really up to talking sense with anybody, much less a lady whom they would surely find far too distracting, given the manner in which they shroud their own women.
PS ‘Wobbling’ is the Google translation of goyang, which I usually translate as shimmying, but I thought the Google version more entertaining!