Fascinating Glimpses into the Parasitic ‘Asylum-Seeker’ Mind-Set!

Today being the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, all the timelier to suggest patriots should keep an eye out for uninvited invaders.

King Harold Keeping an Eye Out!

 The more thoughtful of them may benefit from reading an amazing article written by two (presumably left-lib) activists in EUObserver 4/10/11,  Gerald Knaus and Alexandra Stiglmayer.

It shows just how wily the queue-jumping parasites aka ‘asylum-seekers’ in the West can be.

The two authors are apparently founders of the European Stability Initiative, a think-tank that has closely followed the visa liberalisation process for the Western Balkans. But regardless of their politics, and I really have no idea of their party affiliations if any, they know a lot of useful facts and present them politely for our inspection.

Basically, the article concerns the problem of interlopers from the Balkan countries, who, we soon learn, are not Serbs, Bulgars or whatever but Roma, the trouble-makers we’ve seen causing mayhem in France and Italy.

But it seems that while they are wasters, they are nobody’s fools. As Belgium has been finding.

During the first half of this year, an average 25 Bosnian citizens requested asylum in Belgium every month. In August, their number increased to 81. The number for September is likely to be even a bit higher. This is still a small share of the more than 2,000 asylum requests Belgium receives every month. However, it led the Belgian embassy in Sarajevo to warn about a “sharp” and “alarming” increase, which is a “worrying and a serious issue…”

‘There is now talk among some member states that unless Balkan leaders find ways to “solve” the asylum problem, the EU might reverse its decision to allow Balkan citizens visa-free travel to the Schengen zone.Reversing the most significant decision taken in the past decade to further the Balkans’ European integration would be a disastrous blow to the EU’s credibility in the region.

So far so good. The more EUSSR integration is reversed, the better, and if the EU still has any credibility, the sooner it is erased, the better too. 

Between December 2009 and December 2010, the EU lifted the Schengen visa requirement for Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. ..Following the removal of the visa barrier, thousands of Serbians and Macedonians (but not Bosnians, Montenegrins or Albanians) travelled to the EU to submit asylum claims. With 17,715 applications, Serbia became the country with the third-largest number of claims in the EU in 2010; Macedonians filed 7,550 claims. EU member states, their asylum systems under strain, had every reason to be concerned…. the asylum seekers are almost exclusively Roma.

No surprise. And no surprise also that ‘almost none of their applications has been successful.’

Here’s where the authors give away their bias towards the intruders.

Although the situation of Roma in the Balkans is a cause for concern due to poverty and discrimination (as it is in EU member states such as Slovakia, Hungary or Romania), this is not a sufficient condition for asylum.

Too right, mate! There is poverty all over the place, and if successful countries allowed that it were grounds for asylum, we’d all soon be over-run. Do liberals realise that?

But here’s where it gets really interesting.

…85 percent of the asylum claims were submitted in just three EU countries, Germany, Sweden and Belgium. They have advanced asylum systems, are relatively wealthy and host sizeable Balkan communities. However, Austria, France and the Netherlands, which have exactly the same characteristics, recorded no significant increase in asylum requests.There is an explanation. The asylum procedure for Balkan nationals in the first three countries lasts two to five months. In Austria, France or the Netherlands, it lasts only up to two weeks.

In other words, if you get your toe in the door in Berlin, or Stockholm, or Brussels, you’ll be hanging about a heckuva while till they start to prise that toe out again. In Vienna, or Paris or Rotterdam, departure should be swift. But if they know, or suspect, that their chances of permanent residency are remote in all those countries, why bother?


While they await the decision of the asylum authorities, CLAIMANTS RECEIVE ACCOMMODATION, FOOD, CLOTHES, MEDICAL CARE AND FREE SCHOOLING OF THEIR KIDS. For some Roma, this is an attractive prospect.

Like I have said before, we’re dealing with natural-born parasites, people who feel not an ounce of shame in sponging off others.

. Even if their asylum claim is rejected in the end, the costs – a bus ticket to northern Europe is 60-80 Euro – might well be worth it. “It is paid holidays in the EU,” one asylum worker told us.

So even those working to help these wasters acknowledge the fact of their wastrel character!

The length of stay can also be extended. An appeals procedure in Germany added as many as six months to the process last year. This is not what the asylum system was created for and it crowds out genuine asylum seekers – but it is not illegal to try.

Initially, there were even more benefits to applying in Germany and Belgium. Until October 2010, the two countries offered assistance to rejected asylum seekers from the Balkans who returned home voluntarily. IN ADDITION TO HAVING THEIR RETURN TRIP PAID FOR, A FAMILY OF FOUR COULD RECIEVE  in Germany and €1800 IN GERMANY AND €750 IN BELGIUM.

Good grief! Such specimens should be pariahs, not pampered pets! Common sense should dictate immediate expulsion, preferably with one of those implants we see on sci-fi programmes that send out a beep to security forces within range.

But the authors would no doubt consider that insidious! Read on!

More insidiously, however, Serbia and Macedonia have been asked to control people at the border. As almost all the asylum seekers are Roma, it is hard to avoid ethnic profiling and open discrimination.

Good, and the more of that, the healthier for everyone in the target nations!

The EU has found a bureaucratic disguise for this, requesting that Serbia and Macedonia help implement the Schengen Convention. Under the Convention, EU border police are obliged to prevent persons lacking “documents justifying the purpose and conditions of the intended stay” or “sufficient means of subsistence” from entering the Schengen zone. However, this is a duty upon entry, not upon exit, and Serbians and Macedonians are not EU border guards…

Well, they darned well should be! If we are talking about friendly governments, they should be cooperating to prevent parasitic infiltration. Who gives a monkey’s if these undesirables are stopped exiting one side of a border or entering at the other? The point is they don’t deserve access to other people’s taxes.

They are NOT welcome!

Curiously, the article comes around to something like sense, but for all the wrong reasons, arguing that waiting time for ‘asylum-seekers’ – who are not fleeing tyrannies but weaseling from one EU member or candidate member to another simply to leech off honest workers – should be reduced and standardised. Surely it should be abolished altogether, if it’s all one big happy Euro-family?

The Asylum Procedures Directive is currently being amended. It would make sense if the Parliament or the Council put forward an amendment declaring countries that have undergone a visa liberalisation process “safe countries of origin.”…removal of visa barriers improves the EU’s image, fosters economic development and leads to more commerce and people-to-people contacts. It would be a great mistake to replace strict and fair conditionality with a populist appeal to countries to violate the very principles the EU had asked them to respect.

Here we go again! ‘Populist!’ All that means is that the people have their say, and make politicians listen to them. It’s what should happen all over, in Europe, Canada and Australia, referenda on this asylum racket.  The EU is a menace, forever harassing governments that respond to democratic concerns, always eager to aid and abet the undesirables.

In Australia, of course, there is no EU busy-body bullying national government, but there is still the absurd kow-towing to UN Conventions, which evidently take precedence over parliament, referenda and the courts, the latter having chosen to  elevate ‘international obligations’ over national loyalty.

Enough of that nonsense!

As Gough Whitlam might, or probably might not, have said, ‘Its Time!’ 

As for Canada….… Wake Up!