Abduction – An Improvement on Local Movies!

After watching Keranda Kuntilanak , I reported what a dimwit movie it was, and looked forward to seeing the latest Dewi Persik horror flick , which HAD to be an improvement.


 Girlfriend of the Virgin Ghost

Pacar Hantu Perwawan was pure nonsense, with clownish characters wandering around aimlessly and only Depe’s looks to compensate for the price of the tickets  and they are cheap tickets here – but even so…I was especially let down because Depe can turn in a good performance, as in Tali Pocong Perwawan.

 Cord of the Virgin Shrouded Ghoul

However, this Thursday, we went to see Abduction, an American film, which was much better.

It started off a bit oddly, as if it might be a teen party film. Taylor Lautner is the lad, whom my companion spotted as ‘that werewolf,’ from the Twilight series, and his lass is Lily Collins. 

Bit bit bit we were led along to the point when deadly violence confirms young Nathan’s belief that his ‘family’ is not that at all. A long and ferocious chase ensues, with the CIA and a Serb mercenary on his tail, although his troubles are less onerous by way of the fact that he has a delightful co-fugitive, Karen. Lily Collins doesn’t appear quite as luscious as she does in this photo…

 Lily Collins

…but she’s a wee honey, none the less.

And for more mature ballast, we had Alfred Molina, an ambiguous spy who makes it hard to say who’s on whose side.  

 Alfred Molina

It’s not a GREAT movie, but it’s good enough for a mid-week night out, and a LOT better than those two mentioned above! On in  many Jakarta cinemas till Thursday.