Nameless ‘Jakarta Norwegian’ Smears Norse Patriots

Twice last week I had to drop by places where copies of Now Jakarta magazine were left out for visitors to while away time during whatever they might be waiting for.

It’s a thick glossy magazine, a few interesting articles and lots of ads. This month’s issue focuses on Scandinavian aspects of Jakarta life.

Otherwise, I’d never have come across the piece by a Norwegian resident in Jakarta who, tellingly, was unwilling to put his name to his words. And no wonder, for in the course of writing on the Brievik case, this nameless viking word-warrior took the opportunity to cast an indefensible slur on the entire Norwegian Right.

…the perp is a Christan fundamentalist who belongs to the national conservative political rightwing…  

Well, no, Nameless, he is not ‘Christian’ in any normal meaning of the term ( It is therefore essential to understand the difference between a “Christian fundamentalist theocracy”- everything we do not want- and a secular European society based on our Christian cultural heritage – what we do want– Brievik, who also said many other things, often mutually contradictory, about his ‘religion!’)

And he does not ‘belong’ to any national movement or party. Even the prosecution and the rational left acknowledge he’s a loner, unattached to any party since the ACTUAL ‘national conservative political rightwing,’ the Progress Party, ceased to have him as a member some SEVEN years ago.

…All previous terrorist attacks in Norway have been done by people with similar backgrounds…

Actually, there have been a handful of such incidents, scattered over the past thirty years, isolated and rarely serious, but plenty of grave Islamist threats much more recently, not least that from Mullah Krekar​, who lives in Norway and is the founder of Ansar al-Islam, an Iraq-based group affiliated with Al-Qaeda…he was charged with making death threats, after he threatened Norwegian officials with death if he is deported…


Krekar has justified the 9/11 attacks and supports killing U.S. soldiers in Iraq and civilians who help them. He met with Osama Bin Laden​ in the 1990s, who he described as “a jewel in the crown of Islam.” In 2009, he voiced his desire for a Caliphate that Bin Laden would help lead.  FrontPage magazine,22 July 2011

Now how come Nameless couldn’t think to mention that chap, if he’s talking about terrorism in Norway? Or refer  to the glaring evidence of Norway’s true ‘enemy within,’ as reported on July 8, 2010, Time Magazine? 

Officials in Norway on Thursday, July 8, said they have arrested three men with ties to al-Qaeda suspected of “preparing terror activities.” It was unclear if their targets were to be in Norway or elsewhere. The men — one of whom was apprehended in Germany — were described as two legal Norwegian residents and a naturalized citizen. They are thought to have been planning bombing attacks similar to — and apparently linked to — last September’s averted suicide strike on the New York City subway system.
Read more:,8599,2002541,00.html#ixzz1ardACdG5

No blonde, blue-eyed Brieviks that time, were there?

Already one Somali-Norwegian terrorist has been killed in Africa with others recruited to Islamist murder gangs there. But Nameless omits that – and things like this other extract from FrontPage Magazine, – Cables released by WikiLeaks show that the U.S. has been worried about Norway’s complacency towards terrorism for years. The author of one file laments that Norway feels terrorist groups are “not a direct threat.” The U.S. ambassador wrote that the Norwegian authorities were unwilling to use their own resources to track a suspected Al-Qaeda cell, and rejected an offer by the U.K. to dispatch surveillance teams to assist them.

Food for thought, if Nameless is so concerned about terrorist activity in his country. As this extract in Quadrant Online says, there is a vested interest among certain European leftists in playing up the false image of Brievik as a ‘Christian conservative.’

…right-wing terrorism has a very minor presence on a global scale and has nothing even remotely like the financial and logistical networks that supported international and religious terrorism. Where right-wing individuals or cells do emerge, as with Timothy McVeigh or Breivik, they appear to be lone-wolf terrorists with little or no operational or ideological infrastructure to support them, and their attacks are completely counter-productive to the causes they profess to be supporting. (This leaves open the possibility that Breivik was identified and cultivated by an organization with an interest in discrediting precisely the ideas Breivik has become so quickly associated with.)

…The response of the left to the Norwegian atrocities has been opportunistic in the extreme, and its attempts to construct a phantom ‘right-wing terrorism’ threat can serve no other purpose than to distract attention and resources from the struggle against the real and pervasive threat of Jihadi terrorism and Islamist theocratic dictatorship at a crucial period in Muslim and world history.

 Will the Nameless Norwegian Be Unmasked?

But Nameless’s reluctance to reveal his true identity makes one wonder.

What is he really concerned with?

Is he here in Jakarta in some diplomatic or NGO role? Is he politically motivated?

Why else would he smear decent rightwing Norwegians because of ONE madman? 

That’s about as fair as saying every immigrant male in Norway is a rapist, purely on the basis of this Norwegian TV news report. which reports the overwhelming preponderance of ‘non-western’ males in Oslo rape cases. ( note the lady cop who singles out ‘asylum-seekers’ as a key part of the problem!)