Glasgow’s ‘OCCUPY’ Rapists – “There was alcohol involved and the group wasn’t strictly protesting in the same way other people were, but they were allowed to come in,”

The sheer irresponsibility of the OCCUPY rabble – and I mean not the layabouts who join in just for a change of indolent scene (after all, people who do honest jobs won’t have time or inclination to ponce about, messing up nice public open spaces) but that of their ‘organisers,’ has never been more dramatically illustrated than by the quote in our headline. And a young Glaswegian woman has paid the price for it. 

The thing always to emphasise in reporting these ‘protests’ is that they are organised by people with NO RESPECT for the rule of law. No surprise, then, that their sites attract undesirables, and none more so than that in Glasgow’s George Square.
Having spent a lot of enjoyable time in Scotland, I can advise readers that it’s a handsome city centre square, with well-cared-for grass and flowers in which stand statues of famous figures from Scotland’s past, along with the Cenotaph, the memorial to fallen warriors, who must be looking down in disgust at the grubby creatures frolicking around their monument nowadays.
The large building in the photo is the City Hall, known in Glasgow as the City Chambers, a magnificent Victorian edifice.
Normal citizens love to stroll through on their lunch breaks, and tourists enjoy it too.
So why have the Flea Party been allowed to take it over?
Well, an overwhelmingly socialist city council was unlikely to say ‘no,’ but even so, they must be regretting their folly..after a young woman was raped in their midst, after the ‘organisers’ had WELCOMED ABOARD a gaggle of drunken louts who decided to join their ‘occupation.’

Scotsman 27/10

Demonstrators said the 28-year-old was attacked in the main Occupy Glasgow settlement, where dozens of people have been campaigning as part of a global “anti-greed movement” around the world. It is understood she was sexually assaulted in a tent at the makeshift site, which has taken over a corner of the city’s George Square, opposite the headquarters of Glasgow City Council. …One protester, who did not wish to be named, said a group of people had turned up at the camp – a cluster of around 25 tents – earlier in the week. “There was alcohol involved and the group wasn’t strictly protesting in the same way other people were, but they were allowed to come in,” the demonstrator said.

A council spokesman said they were negotiating with the occupiers in an attempt to move them to a site elsewhere in the city, such as Kelvingrove Park or Glasgow Green.

‘Weren’t strictly protesting?‘ Good-for nothing wasters, and now a rape victim to look after. These OCCUPY people are indefensible in their crass, arrogant stupidity.

Oh, for Pete’s sake! You don’t negotiate with lawless rabble, you use water-cannon, which would simultaneously clean them up and move them on!  But please, NOT to Kelvingrove, a beautiful park, in which stands the Art Gallery and Museum, another fine piece of Victorian architecture. Nobody wants the flea-baggers there. Nor on Glasgow Green, where another museum stands. These places belong to ALL the citizens of Glasgow, and are for relaxing strolls, not vagrancy and anarchy.

There are homeless shelters elsewhere in the city for genuine cases, but if the flea-baggers want to protest, there are utilitarian places to parade and picket which do not impinge on the REAL working classes’ right to enjoy congenial civic facilities.


The police should evict the rabble without delay, taking Aussie as an example, where sensible Melbourne showed the way!