Hilarious Hallowe’en, as Pinkos Go Loopy

Always loved Hallowe’en! It’s a big thing here in Jakarta, expats mostly but a huge following among Indonesians too.


Hallowe’en Display, Kemchicks Store, Kemang, South Jakarta

When I was eight, I had my Mother make me an Egyptian Pharaoh costume, old blankets and a towel, dead easy, dead cheap. I was dead pleased. I don’t think any Ancient Egyptians around that night took offence.

But that was then and this, regrettably, is now, an era of tiny minds making noisome noise. 

I refer, of course, to the following report taken from CBC News. 27/10

An Ohio student group’s campaign has started a firestorm of debate in Canada and abroad over whether wearing Arab, Spanish and other ethnically inspired garb is proliferating stereotypes and feeding racism.

The campaign, by Ohio University’s Students Teaching About Racism in Society (STARS), features posters headlined “We’re a culture, not a costume.” Underneath the line, “This is not who I am, and this is not okay” are students of various ethnic backgrounds holding up photos of people wearing blackface, or dressed up as natives, Geisha girls or people depicting “terrorists,” for example.

Natives? I used to think natives were black folks in loin cloths, till that same Mother told me I was a native, of the country I was born in! Wow! Geishas – nice idea but expensive costume, maybe. Terrorists – easy, just modify my pharaonic gear!

No harm in dressing up for trick or treat.

What a lot of nittwittery!

If they wear witch outfits, the Wiccans will go wild?

If they dress up as cats, or lions, or zebras, will animals rights nutters be on their case?

If they dress up as Crusaders, will Islamists be after them!

Cowboys – well, probably not, but Red Indians will clearly be a no-no! They have their own thriving grievance/whining industry.

STARS President Sarah Williams is quoted as saying “We wanted to highlight these offensive costumes because we’ve all seen them. We just wanted to say, ‘Hey, this is not cool. This is offensive and this shouldn’t be taken lightly.’ It’s offending a culture and people should be aware.”

IT IS COOL! It’s fun, and those who take offence are tiresome toads, yap-yap-yapping about ‘offence’ all the time!

Of course kids should don any costume they like, and adults too for fancy dress parties. It used to be said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Williams is a boring, sour, little creature, who shouldn’t flatter herself that all the fuss she’s raised makes her a serious source of opinion. Was she perhaps born old, emerging perhaps fully-formed as a purse-lipped maiden aunt, a Dorian Gray-esque version of Aphrodite from the Foam?

Sad to say, she ain’t unique. Look at the wretches the CBC dredged up to comment on her garbage.

In an email interview, University of Toronto researcher Alison Chasteen noted other recent examples of Canadians wearing racially offensive costumes, such as last year at a Royal Canadian Legion Halloween party in Ontario and this year at a university in Montreal.

Oh, yeah, that was when the clown Pigeau, head of the Legion in Ontario, closed down a branch of the RCL because of their ‘racist’ fancy dress outfits. Even the OPP apparently seriously wasted police time before they decided NOT to press charges – over fancy dress costumes. TWITS!  Canada was once a free country.

“We know from past research that exposure to stereotypical images can activate stereotypes in people’s minds and influence their subsequent behaviour,” said Chasteen, an associate professor who researches stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination. “That is why efforts such as this one in Ohio are needed to educate people about racist images in an attempt to reduce stereotypical portrayals of minority groups.”

And what’s her job? A professor!?! Is this her ‘field of research?”  Does she not have real work to do? Is she paid to spout this kind of drivel?

However, there are lots of normals about still in Canada.

RussianInCanada commented on one media website: “Those guys have completely lost their minds, to say nothing of tolerance and sense of humour. ANY Halloween costume is offensive to some group. How about discourtesy to not-so-sexy-nurses? Or being disrespectful to the dead? Halloween itself is offensive to many, as well as such celebrations as Christmas (because not everyone is Christian in North America). Shall we ban these holidays altogether? No more Christmas tree on Times Square?!! Down with Easter eggs and bunnies in shop windows?”

But another pinko looness, New Westminster, B.C., blogger Jarrah Hodge, almost inevitably a UBC graduate in women’s studies and sociology, said costume companies are constantly coming up “with new ways to advance racial stereotypes and cultural appropriation, and sexualize women in every single profession and identity you could think of.” On her “Halloween Post,” Hodge said she recently came across a distinctly Canadian racist costume called the “Eskimo Tease.” The packaging for the outfit shows a buxom and lean blond in a cropped velvety long-sleeved top, a short flared skirt, a hoodie and legwarmers — all white-fur trimmed and made of velvety light blue material.

That sounded so good I figured i should find a picture for your delight, and here it is!

Excellent. What a sexy Eskimo! I’d take her to any party she wanted to attend! But darned sure I wouldn’t take Hodge – listen to her droning on!

“The term ‘Eskimo,’ while a highly contested term, has a racist past and is generally unacceptable in Canada,” Hodge writes. “The picture on the packaging and the costume name continues in the tradition of other racist costumes like the ever-popular ‘Geisha Girl’ or ‘Pocahontas’ in implying that racial identity can be boiled down to a recognizable outfit. It’s white people creating symbols to define other races, then appropriating those symbols without any acknowledgment of their history.”

Eskimos are those folks who live in igloos, fish through holes in the ice, and have names like Uligak. Nothing wrong with them. A lot of us Ontario kids rather envied their life-style back when. Pocahontas was a nice Red Indian gal, and a cutie too, if you believe the cartoon version. Geishas – never met any, but they did exist, maybe still do, so why not dress up as one if you like – or as a Zulu,or (a popular one in England) as a Will Fyfe-style ‘Drunken Scotsman?’

This PC poison percolates down through society, creating a nation of kill-joys, or rather an arrogant oligarchy of kill-joys, like Williams and Hodge, ruling a cowed citizenry, afraid to admit they once enjoyed that splendid Black and White Minstrel Show, or Amos and Andy!

But perhaps another paragraph in the article is telling.

Contacted by CBC News on Wednesday, a spokeswoman with the Athens, Ohio-based university said STARS was receiving an overwhelming number of requests for media interviews around the world, and may not return calls immediately.

Yes, methinks these offensive Ohio attention-seekers must have been well aware of just how much publicity their stupidity would attract.

And here I’ve gone and added to it! 

Happy Hallowe’en!

(It’s after midnight here in Jakarta!)