“But They Aren’t REALLY Muslims!”

Yesterday I was browsing for a new topic when my eye was caught by a Telegraph (UK) story.

I had of course heard about the Islamist vermin in Britain who are planning to desecrate the most revered day in the UK calendar, that SOB Anjem Choudary and his satanic gang.

Seems on Remembrance Day they aim to stage a demo to be called ‘Hell for Heros’   The Muslims Against Crusades protesters, who have sought permission from police to hold the rally, aim to chant and disrupt the minute’s silence held in honour of the war dead.  and of course my instinct was to pen a blistering piece on that.

But, lo, what should I see as I toddled through the networld but this.

Young Muslims are planning to turn up at London’s rail and underground stations in force – to collect money for the Poppy Appeal.
Hallelujah! Not some mealy-mouthed ‘moderate’ regretting outrageous sectarian activity whilst sharing its underlying motivations, as we often get from ‘mainstream’ Muslims when this kind of nonsense happens, but an actual GOOD deed, an unequivocal endorsement of a cause dear to every British heart. Wonderful – I gotta post on this, I said.
Then I read on!
The Ahmadiyya poppy appeal      The Ahmadiyya poppy appeal
Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association will again be helping The Royal British Legion as a mark of good citizenship and a testament to the Islamic edict of demonstrating loyalty to your country.
Ha! The one group which here in Indonesia is subjected to the foulest state and freelance persecution, on a par with the Inquisition – Ahmadiyah!
And here’s how some REAL Muslims treat Indonesia’s Ahmadiyah (and get no real punishment for their heinous crime)
God bless Ahmadiyah, showing the people of the United Kingdom that their creed will not prevent them standing up as proud patriots.
And here in Jakarta, what do our Government Ministers, our state-sponsored MUI, our ‘moderate’ NU and Muhammadiyah, what do the Islamic establishment  have to say about these normal, honourable and GENUINELY DECENT people?
“Oh, but they aren’t really Muslims….”
Well, the Ahmadis in The Old Counrtry are demonstrating that they are a damn sight better than than the ‘non-hereticals!’