‘Trotskyist Take-Over’ – Glasgow Labour Regime Still Collaborates With ‘Occupy!’

In an astounding act of collaboration with the most extreme left elements in the country, Glasgow’s Labour Party-run  City Council has done a deal with the Occupy layabouts camping in George Square, EVEN THOUGH the original protest leaders have quit because, as one of them admitted, “‘the camp has been taken over by ‘radicals’ from the Socialist Workers’ Party and homeless people.” 

The quitters weren’t up to much, for it was they who knowingly accepted a gang of winos into their camp, whereupon a helpless woman was raped last month, but at least they’ve finally fessed up as to who’s now in control –  dedicated revolutionary marxists!

 Glasgow Rabble

At a court hearing today, the Labour Council not only offered the now undoubtedly marxist-run rabble a new site, but also pledged to spend local tax-payers’ money to ‘fence off and light the area to make the protestors feel more secure!’

The italicised words come not from yours truly but from one of Scotland’s leading (and far from ‘conservative’) newspapers, the Glasgow-based Herald/ Evening Times  http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/george-square-protesters-vote-to-move-to-new-site-1.1132832.

So those people elected by Glaswegians to look after the city have handed over a chunk of it, along the pleasant, leafy Kelvin Walkway, to a bunch of Trotskyists and vagrants, who today had the brass neck to boast that ‘we want to occupy Glasgow until money is taken out of politics.’

 Oakland Rampage

At least, as in Oakland, where police are battling with vicious red thugs who instigated an orgy of violence and vandalism, decent Glasgow folk know what they’re up against, and that their socialist rulers are NOT on the side of citizens but of the mob!

Why? Is it cowardice, or collaboration?

Perhaps Scots readers can tell us.