Burn, Baby, Burn – Demophobic EUSSR Flag Goes Up in Smoke

While anarchistic rabble burn anything they can lay their hands on in Oakland, California, and other places polluted by the Flea-Party Occupy movement, decent patriots in the heartlands of Christendom and elsewhere have yesterday, and today, for it’s still 5th November in the Old Country, been busily burning a real symbol of oppression, the EUSSR flag.

 Here’s Ours!

We did our bit in Jakarta!

The sheer visceral hatred and anger that poured out of every EUSSR level this past week, that the Greeks might DARE to consult their citizens, should easily have convinced the last Doubting Thomases that Brussels is the enemy.


They accuse normal patriotic people of xenophobia, if we resist alien rule. In fact, they are guilty of DEMOPHOBIA, an irrational fear and loathing of democratic principles!

Nowhere has anyone put forward any argument that might refute the right of a nation to accept or reject what Brussels has planned for it.

Smash the EUSSR!