Who the HECK is This Kardashian Woman?

Maybe somebody can explain to me why I, or anybody, should be interested in Kate Kardashian, except perhaps that she has an Armenian surname, and there aren’t many Armenians around. Even in Armenia, there are not quite three million.

But that is surely insufficient reason to give this girl the obsessive attention that thrusts itself upon viewers of TV and internet, or readers of the printed media.  Sure, she is pretty, but nowhere near as pretty as at least a dozen girls aboard this no.34 bus from Jakarta’s Blok M Terminal to Kebon Jeruk on which I’m commencing this post.

And I know she is rich, because the Aussie version of Yashoo,com kindly provided me with a survey, as to whether I thought she’d married for money.

I’m afraid I had to answer ‘yes’ because the accompanying news clip said the marriage had only lasted a few weeks, which tells me that she is either very dull-witted, in that she knew so little of her spouse that she was horrified or wearied by him in less than the time than it takes me to write one of my novels, or else she got what she wanted and baled out.

From what I’ve heard, her general stance on issues would not impress me, i.e. she’s pro-perv and also doesn’t maybe know how to treat cats properly –

In May 2009, Kardashian stirred controversy over the way she held a cat during a photograph. (Wikipedia)

– but I don’t claim that as valid grounds to exclude her from the news. After all, many other women with daft opinions get onto tv or have their pictures in the papers, but they are often gifted, maybe actresses, singers, etc., who therefore merit our interest.


Apparently she is a socialite, which according to Wilipedia, is a person who participates in social activities and spends a significant amount of time entertaining…’

Hey, that could be me! I love going out at night and many readers say they find me entertaining!

Uh-oh! …and being entertained at fashionable upper-class events.

Okay, forget that idea!

In June 2010, The Guardian commented on her ability to attract payments of up to US$10,000 from sponsors for each tweet that she broadcasts, noting that she is “an American reality TV star whose sole talent lies in her large rump.” (Wikipedia)

Not every day I find myself in agreement with that left-lib newspaper!

PS Sorry, seems her name isn’t Kate, but Kim – that’s how much she interests me!