Fiery Islamists – ‘Head-Scarves NOT a Big Issue!’

Funny when you’re researching stuff for one story and it leads you onto another!

I know the fanatical PKS Islamist party is desperate to restore its popular appeal after the bizarre antics of several members, but even so, I was surprised to read in the Jakarta Post that they might be running Syahrini, below, as a candidate.


That’ll put the cat among the pigeons! You may recall her pretty face, for she featured in RRA’s post on 27th May, after the IslamoNazis found serious fault with the lovely lady on 23rd May.

Wednesday, May 25 – The number of exciting celebrity photos going the rounds has got the attention of the chairman of DKI Jakarta DPD FPI, Habib Salim ‘Selon’ Alatas, who clearly rejects unequivocally the existence of such circulation. Habib strongly condemned the photos, like those of Syahrini…

 FPI Gaulieter Habib Alatas

“…we strongly condemn and call for the government to take a decisive role in resisting and eradicating pornography and porno activity in Indonesia,” he said when contacted by ® by phone on Wednesday (25 / 5).
Porno activity? Strong words, Gauleiter! She’s far too pretty to need to sink to porn levels!

But that was then and now is now, and the PKS don’t seem to share the nazis’ reservations about sweet Syahrini!

Jakarta Post 11/03/2011 – Rumor has it that singer Syahrini has been listed as a possible candidate for Sukabumi deputy mayor in the 2013 local elections, representing the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS). … If the rumor is to be true, it seems the path to political success won’t be smooth for Syahrini, as veteran celebrity Desi Ratnasari is said to be competing for the same position.                                  

 Desi Ratnasari

Now I’m certainly not about to have a go at any gaggle of goat-beards for picking a tasty morsel like Syahrini as candidate for ANY position (or Desi, for that matter!)   At least it shows that despite all the shariah-hullabaloo, they know a good thing when they see it, and are realistic enough to shrug off the criticisms emanating from the IslamoNazi Bunker in Tanah Abang.

 Mind you, it surprises me that the wee honey would want to be nominated by the PKS – she is a Muslim, true, but from what I can read, she behaves like a normal woman, so would hardly fit into way of life the Muslim Brotherhood prescribes for the fair sex.

I didn’t check out the pictures the IslamoNazis got uptight about, but if Syahrini even goes on stage  displaying her navel or even her KNEES (nice knees, too, I’ve no doubt!) then she’s gonna be in big bother with the Islamist zealots.

However, politics does strange things to people. And what do the PKS actually believe?

Looking back on their record in theological versus political choices, we can see ( JP 26/5/11) that, during the Presidential campaign of Jusuf Kalla and his running mate Wiranto, the PKS – supporting Kalla’s rival SBY – was quite happy to deprioritise shariah stuff when practical advantage beckoned.
A lot of dimwit voters were apparently drifting towards the Kalla camp for the inane reason that Mrs. K never left the family mansion without wearing a head-shroud

 Zul of the PKS

‘…PKS deputy secretary general Zulkieflimansyah said Monday, referring to the headscarf many Muslims believe is mandatory for women. “Our party’s top brass are definitely loyal to our coalition deal with the Democratic Party, but we cannot fully control the hearts of our grass roots constituents. Therefore, we will do everything we can to help them understand the jilbab is not a big issue,” he added.
Thank you, Zul! NOW…can you please tell that to the Toronto Police, who have just abased themselves to Ontshario’s Islamist lobby by approving jilbabs for Muslim policewomen, presumably on the grounds that it IS a big issue.
Those of us who object to multiculting the cops in Canada can meanwhile relish the good news that the largest Muslim democracy in the world’s most important Islamist party says  – that just ain’t so!