The Art of the Devil?

As a final follow-up for this weekend, I note that Tempo reports not one but two demos at the Yasmin location in Bogor, one by the Islamist scum Forkami, as usual, but also a hitherto unknown body called West Bogor Peace-Lovers.

‘In their orations, they asked all parties to the dispute to maintain a conducive Bogor and hoped the GKI Yasmin chaotic situation would end quickly, so the general public are not affected. “If dragged out like this, society is also the loser. because the road is often closed. We hope it will finish and there was no violence whatsoever in this matter,” said one protester.’

According to Bona Sigalingging, the church spokesman, these too are against Yasmin’s principled defence of its court-ordered right to worship in its own church building.

Yes, I recognise the sort, Bona. Anything for a quiet life, the ratbag type who appease evil, and on whom the likes of Dianti depend. Let’s just split the difference, shift the Chrsitans to another site – that’s exactly what the IslamoNazis hope for!

If these ‘Peace-Lovers’ could show just a smidgin of righteous anger at what their mayor is doing to religious liberty, perhaps the rest of Bogor’s ctizenry might come out and help the cause of freedom.

But the ‘Peace-Lovers’ only want to be able to go shopping or commute unhindered, just as their consciences are unhindered by what that Islamist swine Dianti is doing in their name. 

There can be no compromise with evil.