EUSSR Quislings Facing Resistance Already

Mario Monti – Italy’s New EUSSR Duce!

‘Berlusconi toppled, Brussels man installed to run Italy’

Well, that headline in EUObserver just about sums up the fate of parliamentary democracy, heck, democracy, in Italy, and in Greece, and where next?

 The Original Quisling – Now We Have a New Brood 

As the EUSSR inserts its own men to run the affairs of once-proud European nations, one is reminded of Vidkun Quisling, installed by Hitler to run Norway as as fief of the Third Reich. There will be more quislings, and soon, bet on it.

And those who jeered Berlusconi may come to regret their premature expostulations as this horrid supranational system gets into its stride. As Leigh Philips wrote in today’s EUobserver, ‘a former EU commissioner has been installed…by President Georgio Napolitano (like Barosso, a former Communist)to set up a tight cabinet of technocrats.

Philips frankly describes this Mario Monti as ‘the Brussels man’ and his intention as to form a slimmed-down cabinet of some 12 non-politicians.’

But, although I have scant respect for most politicans, is it not they who are elected to parliaments to run our countries, in line with Churchill’s dictum that democracy is a bad form of government until we contemplate the others?

 And BTW, who in the UK can honestly say that it can’t happen here? Cameron would be the perfect candidate, a public school twerp who has forsworn his own oath and denied the British people their promised say.

And what has Italy’s Brussels quisling got to recommend him?

Monti is the European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, a powerful international think-tank,,, and a founding member of the Spinelli Group, an organisation launched in 2010 to facilitate integration within the European Union.

A consummate internationalist, patriot to every country but his own! No wonder then that those who hate nation-states rejoice today.

EU leaders cheered Monti’s unorthodox installation which came two days after an ex-vice-president of the European Central Bank was appointed prime minister of Greece following similar pressure from the markets and eurozone leaders.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and EU Council President Herman van Rompuy put out a joint statement welcoming the move, but stating that Brussels still intends to monitor the new Italian government’s economic policies, an oversight role awarded to the EU executive at a summit of eurozone leaders on 26 October.

But of course.  Quisling never made a move without being thus ‘monitored,’ without being certain that the Nazis would approve.

Even so, there are still a few silver linings in the dark clouds lowering over freedom.

However, whether Monti will be able to push through the cuts and structural adjustment is an open question.

 Umberto Bossi, Liga Nord LeaderHe has the left-liberal groupings in thrall to his agenda, but word is that both the sound leader of the Liga Nord, Umberto Bossi,  and many of  Berlusconi’s People of Freedom Party are unwilling to roll over and swallow protectorate status.

And Italian news agencies are reporting that Berlusconi had privately told party members: “We can pull the plug whenever we want,”

So already, as in Norway, and in Vichy France (though that latter is probably an unfair analogy, Petain a patriot in his own misguided way) these fragile ‘monitored’ regimes are seeing the spectre of resistance.
Let’s hope it will not have to be bloody, but just as that other Evil Empire never quenched the Hungarians and Czechs and Poles’ thirst for the right to determine their own, so too will Italians and Greeks and the rest eventually retake their destinies from the ‘new unhappy lords’ whose heel is presently on their necks.