Mendacious Michael Moore and the Heroic ‘Wimps’ He Slandered

One can only feel contempt for limousine liberals, the kind of over-affluent effluent who continually preach at the rest of us about social justice but still live life-styles of the rich and famous.

Many of them are to be found in Hollywood, and of course in politics, a fine example being Al Gore, whose ‘own household’s contribution to the “climate crisis” is almost TWENTY times greater than the average American household, and almost three times greater than even the average commercial user of electricity.’ (see

But the vilest slug on the planet must surely be Michael Moore, an overweight scruff-ball who makes out he’s a ‘regular joe,’ and dresses down to prove it.


Yet it’s not his physical appearance that makes decent folk want to throw up, but his utter dishonesty.

You know, the garbage he spews about Cuba, where real working men have no right to strike, or even protest about their working conditions, while the ruling class enjoy life-styles similar to Moore and his fellow-snobs in the USA.

But there are levels of vileness and levels of vileness, and Moore always seems to strive to reach down to some new nadir, way down lower than a snake’s belly.

Having said that, it would be hard to sink lower than his nauseating slur on the heroic Cubans who actually went out and fought for their country’s freedom, the valiant men who landed at the Bay of Pigs to face Castro and Guevara’s Soviet-supplied forces, and were defeated when Kennedy went back on the pledge to provide essential air support.


Bay of Pigs Heroes – Defeated Due to Lack of Promised Air Support

I am reminded again of Moore’s slanderous attack on these valiant soldiers by the admirable Humberto Fontova, in his latest article in CFP this week. Please read it and pass it on!