IslamoNazis – “Her Presence Clearly Threatens Public Morals and Challenges the Moral Vision of Religious Bandung!”

So who does that terrible warning refer to?

Winnie Mandela?

Lady Macbeth?

Nancy Pelosi? 

Artalyta, imprisoned here for corruption but granted a luxurious cell? 

No, none of the above!

A gang of IslamoNazis beseiged the Bandung City Council today, indulging in one of their frequent tantrums, this time over the possible appearance, in what was once known as the Paris of the Indies, of the delightful dangdut diva Julia Perez. says the sexy songstress was due to star at a concert at Tegallega Show-Ground, but the FPI (‘Defenders of islam’) rabble unfurled banners with the rather long-winded slogan “Jupe’s the Icon of Free Sex, Pornography and Porn Action in Indonesia. Her Presence in Bandung Clearly Threatens Public Morals and Challenges the Moral Vision of Religious Bandung ‘.


“We strongly reject Jupe’s arrival in the city of Bandung,” said the local nazi gauleiter, Soirin Ahmad Abdullah. He explained that his party strongly supports the government who want to realize the city of Bandung as a Religious City, hence their expression of their attitude on Jupe’s arrival to hold a gig in Bandung. Her presence threatens moral people,” he explained.

In a peculiar turn of phrase, reports that the demo was ‘largely peaceful,’ possibly thanks to ‘dozens of police officers on guard.’ But the white-shirt fanatics were accorded an audience by City Councillor Deni Rudiana.

Bandung is a very strange place these days. Whilst one expects loony bigots like the FPI to engage in censorious antics, and the goat-beard self-styled ‘scholars’ of the MUI ( who also wanted Jupe banned) what are we to make of the Mayor, a certain Dada Rosada, who was reported in Republika Online as saying that those who attend such concerts come from diverse age-groups, not just adults but also teenagers and even children. “If a husband who has a wife is watching, you have control. But the danger of young people, who don’t have a wife, watching is that there’s no control – it’s dangerous,” he said Thursday.

  Dictatorial Dada!

Wow! What a dictatorial old prude! And he gets worse.

According to him, the City already provided conditions for Jupe to hold a gig there.  “The condition is yes, but you cannot wear sexy clothes, no sensual clothing that has a seductive effect on men!” 

Notwithstanding his stern conditions, he was, at time of speaking, worried enough to add that he ‘had asked the police to control the event to be held this weekend and if  Jupe did not observe his instructions and thus caused problems, then the event would be broken up. “Police will be there, if there’s nudity, police will dissolve it,” said Dada.

What a fine civic dignity Dada bestows on his fellow-citizens, deeming them liable to turn into a mob of slavering lechers at the sight of a shapely thigh or a spot of cleavage – because that’s the most you’ll get at a Jupe concert. A stripper she ain’t, just a very lively lady with a big bust and a feisty line of patter.

 More Jupe

But Jupe had actually told last night that she’d not be coming anyway, because her permit had been revoked. She was greatly disappointed. So will her thousands of fans be. 

So are the nazis just stupid, or have they nothing better to do on a Friday arvo than demand the cancellation of a cancelled show?