Indonesian Court Upheld Church’s Rights, So “It’s ‘Full of Infidels!’ ”

I may be wrong, very much hope so, but there’s a distinct whiff of surrender in the air, not on the part of the persecuted Christians, but on the part of the State. 

The whole point of fighting for justice through every level to the highest court in the land is that, when the final ruling is handed down, you know you have won, and that your enemies, in this case the enemies of religious liberty, have lost.
Unless you happen to live in West Java, Indonesia, in 2011. 

There are those who understand and care about what’s at stake, and to be fair that includes some Muslims, according to Waspada Online today.

Pancasila is not a magic word to be offered and sold in a political show. The Pancasila state philosophy is our foundation, to be striven for constantly and implemented by all citizens, without exception.

This admirable sentiment was expressed by no less than the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Students Association (IMM), Muhammad Sukron. Muhammadiyah is one of the largest Muslim organisations in the country.

“Because of his action, Bogor Mayor Diani Budiarto is not only not practicing the values ​​of Pancasila, but also betraying Pancasila,” said Sukron. In addition to this betrayal. continued Sukron, Diani’s stance also threatens and endangers the integrity of our homeland -Indonesia is built on the pillars of diversity and pluralism. Therefore, Sukron Diani urged immediately implementation of the decision of the Supreme Court to revoke the suspension of Yasmin Church’s permit. If left unchecked, the defiance of law by the ​​Mayor of Bogor not only sets a bad precedent for law enforcement, but also undermines the authority of the Supreme Court as the last bastion of justice.’

Pancasila is the ideology on which Indonesia was founded, pluralist at heart. Sound words, young man. But will they be echoed by those in high office?

 For the Jakarta Post’s story on how the Cabinet Secretary has been instructed by President SBY to achieve a ‘solution’ through ‘dialogue’ makes little sense unless the Supreme Court decision is to be side-lined, just as it has been defied by the evil Diani Budiarto.

 Diani the Bigot

On Sunday, the bigot Mayor’s militia myrmidons, the Satpol PP, collaborated with the Islamist thug groups, Forkami and GARIS, to prevent an overseas dignitary, the World Council of Church’s President, entering the sealed Yasmin Church. Check it out with the  Jakarta Post today, which confirms that both ‘Bogor Police, the Public Order Office (Satpol) were joined by members of the Islamic Reform Movement (GARIS ) and Forkami in cordoning off the church.’

                         GARIS  Demo “Cleanse the State Palace of  Lackeys of Zionist Jewry!’

FYO, GARIS is yet another gang of shariah freaks, not so well-known as the IslamoNazi FPI but, as the JP confirmed, just as vicious and doltish. GARIS’s Dede Triswandar. ‘We will not hesitate to take violent action because the Supreme Court’s ruling is wrong…it is full of infidels.’

Indonesia’s Supreme Court  ‘full of infidels?’ What an imbecile Dede must be!

There may be a couple of non-Muslim judges, since there are substantial minorities of Christians and Hindus and Buddhists here, all of whom produce their share of lawyers, but I can safely say a clear majority on the court are Muslim.

Dede may not be the stupidest Islamist around, but he’s clearly stupid enough. Yet what is significant is not his comment on the court but the flagrant threat of violence against Christians.

One can smile at Dede the Dimwit’s belief in the Supreme Court’s plethora of infidels, but it is no laughing matter that the plentiful police on the scene took no action to arrest a malign fanatic uttering such sectarian menaces.

Meanwhile, Monday’s told us that ‘representatives of the Indonesian Christian Church (GKI) Yasmin have met with the Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam, and presented their case. Dipo Alam, however, could not guarantee the solution completely. The meeting, which took place in the office of the Secretariat of the Cabinet last week, was attended by officials of the GKI synod, pastor, and legal team.

 Dipo Alam

The hearing was conducted to respond to directives of President Yudhoyono, who wants dialogue to find the right solution and quickly solve the problem. Dipo Alam hopes to be able to find the best way out, and that the relevant Ministries, such as the Ministry of Religious Affairs, coordinated by the Coordinating Minister for Politics, can find the best solution.”I can not fully guarantee a solution, but hopefully with good intentions, I’ll be talking to the officials concerned and the President”, he concluded..

That is frankly astounding.

 President SBY

The President has had a full report, from the National Ombudsman, totally endorsing the Church’s case, as ruled properly by the high court. He knows they have both law and right on their side, and he knows full well that any involvement of the Minister of Religious Affairs, Suryadharma Ali, a notorious Islamist devoid of tolerance, can only be bad news for religous liberty. What’s going on?

 Bigot Minister Suryadharma Ali

Still, even at this stage, SBY can save the day. All it takes is for him to stand up tomorrow and announce that there is no place for persecution of religous minorities on his watch. He can remind his fellow-citizens that Indonesia observes the rule of law, and that the judgment of his highest court will not be flouted by a coterie of nasty bigots.

                                                        ‘This Building is Sealed.’   Mr. President, Tear this wall down!’

Better still, as I’ve suggested before, he could promise to show up next Sunday to attend the GKI service inside their long-sealed church.

In this context, we may contemplate what President SBY said to the large HKBP Protestant denomination at their Jubilee celebration last weekend, when he told them . “HKBP may also be able to sow the seeds of harmony among religious believers in our country.”

The Batak Christians applauded him, of course, but some of them were surely recollecting what happened when they too were involved in a similar dispute in Bekasi a year ago. A lady pastor was beaten and an elder stabbed by Islamist thugs, who got derisory sentences, after which those Christians gave up their fight to open their new church on their own land. The Bekasi Gauleiter of the FPI was briefly jailed for inciting the mayhem. Again the Government failed to ban the IslamoNazis.

Action, or inaction, speaks louder than words?