Scotland – Prods n Papes Unite for Decency -and YOU Can Help!

Hard to imagine a more slanted approach than The Scotsman’s report published 2/12, on the SNP attack on Scotland’s heritage of decency.

                  Braveheart Never Fought For Pervert ‘Marriage!’

The headline’s fine,an encouraging ;’Kirk Joins the Fight Against Homosexual Marriages – nice to note they don’t use that abomination ‘gay’ to describe perv cohabitation. And they remind us that the Catholics already are on the good guys’ side.

But as you wade through it, what do we discover but

The uncompromising position of the church, which has an estimated 500,000 members, is a setback for the SNP government, which has signalled its intention to move with the times and legalise homosexual weddings….Rev Peter Johnston, spokesman for the progressive OneKirk group, said: “There may be many gay and lesbian people within the Church who will be disappointed at reading this response from the Church of Scotland.”\

But this brief post is not to waste time examining how a descent into moral squalour can be defined as ‘moving with the times’ Or ‘progressive.’

Here’s a clip from NOM’s American website.

In what appears to be a desperate attempt to sway the outcome, the Scottish Government has been persuaded to accept responses from outside the UK, allowing gay marriage groups to organize supporters from around the world in their campaign to rewrite Scotland’s marriage law.

Please help give the Scottish Government an accurate perception of world opinion on same-sex marriage! has set up an approved web portal at which you can answer the six questions being asked by the Scottish government. All responses will be sent directly to the Scottish Government.

Time is short. Please take action today!