As Cameron Betrays Christians, We Say ‘More Immigrants, Please – If they’re Like Nazir-Ali!’

While British Christians got a pre-Christmas kick-in-the teeth from the slimy swine Cameron, who spoke up for their rights but an immigrant, Michael Nazir-Ali? The  Pakistani-born former Bishop of Rochester joined a former Anglican Primate in loud protest.

 Michael Nazir-Ali

But that’s what we’d expect of this excellent man. He quit his cushy job with its plum salary and episcopal residence in 2009, to devote himself to defending the oppressed, and has boldy warned of the enemy within Britain.

“One of the results of this has been to further alienate the young from the nation in which they were growing up and also to turn already separate communities into “no-go” areas where adherence to this ideology has become a mark of acceptability. “Those of a different faith or race may find it difficult to live or work there because of hostility to them and even the risk of violence.”

Squaring up to the Islamist menace thus in 2009, this week he also squared up to the rotten Cameron Government, standing side-by-side with Lord Carey.

Ministers won’t back cross-ban Christians: Ex-archbishop condemns ‘illiberal’ assault on faith

 Mail Online 10th December   The Government was slammed last night for refusing to support a group of Christians fighting for their rights in the European courts.  Four individuals who have been disciplined at work or lost their jobs after refusing to remove crosses or to conform to gay rights laws are attempting to overturn the decisions of British courts and tribunal.

They had hoped for support from Ministers after a former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, appealed to Prime Minister David Cameron on their behalf.

  Not So Much a Doubting Thomas as a Judas iscariot
Craven Cameron turned them down flat!

But the Government told the European Court of Human Rights that it backed the British judges and does not accept that the Christians have suffered discrimination. To the dismay of Lord Carey, the Government even said that wearing a cross or a crucifix was not a ‘generally recognised’ Christian practice – even though Church leaders say it is a hugely significant symbol.

What a crass cur that Cast-Iron Klutz truly is! 

Every day on my Jakarta buses, I see gals proudly wearing their crosses, members of Indonesia’s Christian minority! In Canada, and Britain, and Aussie, lots of people wear crosses and crucifixes, and whether you like it or not, you know darned well it’s a sign of their faith.

Only Cameron is crass and contemptible enough to lie – for he is an educated man and knows the truth – by saying such an adornment is not ‘generally recognised.’ 

Lord Carey said: ‘Such is the result of a liberal establishment that has become deeply illiberal.’

I know what you mean, Your Lordship, but in fact it is QUINTESSENTIALLY liberal! Liberalism is wedded to the enemies of the West and they exult at assaults on Christendom. Look at the ACLU in America!

In this Christmas Season, we should recognise their hatred for traditional values and denounce them roundly, as Nazir-Ali has done.

Imagine if more immigrants talked his kind of talk. We’d be rolling out the red carpet when they walked off the planes!

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