Bravo! Java Church Spurns ‘Free Land,’ as Bigot Mayor’s Man Offers ‘Final Solution!’ broke the inspiring news that the Yasmin Christian Church in Bogor has refused the bribe of ‘free land’ dangled by the fanatic Islamist Minister of Home Affairs, and told us all they will stick by their right to freedom of worship ’till death.’

After endless harassment by the bigot Mayor Diani, who has long forced them to worship on the street outside their sealed building, Yasmin, I feared, might knuckle under. But I’m delighted to say I underestimated their faith. For that I ask their pardon.  

“GKI Yasmin was never willing to accept the relocation option anywhere. Relocation is an illegal option that should not be allowed to take place under state law,” said Chairman of the Assembly Reverend Ujang Tanusaputera GKI in a press statement received by Tempo, Tuesday, December 12, 2011

. Ujang

According to him, a house of worship in the GKI Yasmin had been endorsed by two state institutions, namely the Supreme Court and the Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia. Therefore it’s weird in the church’s opinion that the Ministry of Home Affairs is inviting citizens to agree to violate the law.

  Bigot Diani – Tomorrow Belongs to Whom?

Mayor Dianti’s henchman, Asep Firdaus, had earlier expressed the hope that the situation would be resolved at once, by the persecuted congregation ‘accepting the offer to be moved to the location the local government had prepared.’ He added that ‘the final solution offered by the local government is relocation.” 

Final Solution. An appropriate choice of words for West Java Islamists, given their ideological affinity with Hitler’s Nazis!  From the Governor on down, they have outlawed religious liberty, the Ahmadiyah their first victims, but who’s next on their hit-list?

For some reason, Tempo also spoke to a mysterious individual named as Untung Kurniadi, identified as chairman of the ‘Kosgoro Youth Movement,’ who made the fatuous comment that ‘the policy is right for us…not a single church in the city of Bogor has been boycotted or closed by local government. This is purely a licensing issue.”

Oh Yeah? Didn’t Untung know that the Yasmin Church has been closed for a long time? Didn’t he hear that the Mayor is on record as saying a Christian Chruch may not operate on a street with a Muslim name?

These base bigots should be kicked off the park and responsible men put in their place, who will ackowledge the rule of law and the Christians’ right to worship freely in their own church, as ruled in order by the Supreme Court AND the Ombudsman, whose report is on President SBY’s desk.