Christmas Treat for Canada – A Crack-Down on Crimmigrants!

Having focused largely on Australia’s crimmigrant problem recently (partly due to my recent visit and partly to the delight accruing from the foot-stamping of the expat cultural marxist clique)  it is only right that we give some space to Canada’s equally pressing troubles with undesirable aliens.

A good place to start is with Lorne Gunter’s ‘Time to crack down on fraudulent immigrants,’ which appeard in the 9/12 edition of the National Post.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney spoke out last week on crimmigrants, thus,
“Canadians are generous people, but have no tolerance or patience for people who don’t play by the rules and who lie or cheat to become a Canadian citizen. The government will apply the full strength of Canadian law to those who have obtained citizenship fraudulently.”

And for once it’s not just talk, for he has had his civil servants working with the Mounties and they’ve got proof that up to 6500 individuals used some sort of fraud to gain a place in Canada. Much of the success is due to a tip-line which people can phone to report suspected crimmigrants or their collaborators. And I must say I like the way he’s named his legislation.

The Cracking Down on Crooked Consultants Act!

Gunter tells us that ‘Mr. Kenney intends to strip them of their status and deport them, if they are in the country.
This is probably only the tip of an illegal immigrant ice-berg, but compare Kenney’s forthright indignation to the creeping appeasement of crimmigrants South of the Border, where Obama –or whoever is running him, Soros, possibly – openly grovels to the enemy within.

Good for Kenney when he says, “Canadian citizenship is not for sale.”

For it clearly has been.
Unlike America, where the long and often undefended border with Mexico is a daily clear and present danger, it is not only the cargos of obviously illegal sea-borne arrivals but the sleazy ‘consultants’ who aid and abet bludgers galore that need to be tackled.

Gunter describes the sly stratagems –‘ Before being accepted, an applicant must have lived full-time in Canada for three of the previous four years. To maintain their status, they must show proof they have lived here at least two out of every five years thereafter. Unscrupulous consultants, Mr. Kenney suspects, have been helping thousands of applicants produce fake evidence that they have been living in Canada.

We even get actual names of two of the suspects, plus another un-named as yet who is still under investigation.
The identified accused are Nizar Zakka of Montreal, who was arrested in 2009, and Hassan Al-Awaid of Halifax, who was charged last March.

We’re talking of massive fraud, as well as a nice little bonus in the form of ‘nearly 900 false tax returns, allegedly so absentee citizens could qualify for tax credits for child care, property tax and provincial sales tax.’
Apparently, ’many of Zakka’s allegedly fraudulent clients are Lebanese who are suspected of never having lived in Canada long enough to acquire citizenship legitimately.’

And good for Gunter, who says he’s not surprised by this because ‘so many suddenly remembered their devotion to Canada when war broke out in their country between Israel and Hezbollah in 2006. When the bullets began whizzing and the bombs and missiles began falling, hundreds of Canadian “citizens” who hadn’t lived here for a decade or more pulled their passports out of the drawers they’d stuffed them in and started waving them around like “Get out of Hell free” cards demanding Ottawa rescue them (at Ottawa’s expense).’
No doubt true, but best to be explicit and say not Ottawa’s but Canadian tax-payers’ expense! You readers in Ontario and BC and Alberta –it was YOUR tax-dollars that were wasted on collecting these ungrateful parasites.

Again, quoting Gunter. ‘many of these Canadians of convenience had come here in the 1980s and 1990s, during Lebanon’s long civil war, only long enough to obtain citizenship, then the minute they qualified and the fighting back home subsided, they beetled off to Lebanon never again to live in Canada or contribute to Canadian society. Yet once they were caught in the crossfire between Israel and radical Islamists, they insisted Ottawa send ships and planes to ferry them to safety. Then they complained the rescue wasn’t happening fast enough and, finally, were indignant about the conditions on the ships that were sent.’

It’s not so much their criminality that incenses decent Canadians so much as the bare-faced snouts-in-the-trough arrogance of these Leb bludgers. With over a quarter of a million immigrants per annum pouring into Canada, how many more than the few thousand uncovered by Kenney (and I’m not being ungrateful, for what did the pinko Grit Governments of Chretien ever do to fight the cancer?) are still here or on their way here.


Harper and Kenney On Tamil Free-Loaders’ Boat

And those boat parasites that landed in BC were scarcely on dry land before they started leeching off tax-payers.

And there are all those other Tamils who lied about their ‘threatened’ existence in Sri Lanka to get through immigration processing, then suddenly found it highly appealing to go back ‘home’ for a vacation. We have Ezra Levant to thank for publicising that ‘inconvenient truth!’

And why has Ottawa ‘made little effort to deport people ordered expelled by the courts, including hundreds of violent criminals. It has seldom prosecuted people smugglers…

As the NP article notes, what about ‘those new Canadians who took the time to go through the proper procedures to come here legally – a process that can take up to seven years?
These latter honest migrants are what Canada needs, not sneaky slugs who jump the queues!

And action is long over-due. Would you believe that Canada has only cancelled 67 citizenships since the Citizenship Act came into force in NINETEEN FORTY SEVEN! Ya gotta be kiddin’!

While we may still have reservations on Harper, it is only fair to applaud positive steps when taken.
But a long-term strategy would be welcome.
I saw last week that an NDP leadership candidate had called for a referendum on the monarchy- he must know that under the constitution, a referendum is insufficient, any change to status of that nature requiring, I think, unanimous provincial support.

But fair enough, the moral power of a popular vote would make it hard to resist – though personally I reckon HM would win.

So if we are talking of letting the people decide, let’s expand the conversation beyond the Crown. Organise referenda not just on immigration but also on the detestably entrenched multicult clause, which is invoked to demand respect for barbarous shariah practices, among others.

Turdeau’s Salute to the Dominion of Canada


Turdeau inserted it to ensure the disintegration of Canada’s heritage, and he’s well on the way to success, cackling in Hell as he watches the Dominion’s death.
Harper should lead a crusade for a reversal of all that Charter stands for.